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The PDF booking forms available should not be used if you are a member of a team competing in the knock out cup. they are intended for use by individuals who might want to attend the event as spectators. or are playing in ancillary events and require accommodation but are not playing in the team event.

The reason you should not use this form if you are team member is because players need to be allocated to their team to make sure all teams have a full squad for the event and to make sure that the teams and players are given priority in booking in. if you are not allocated to a team via the team booking in process it may result in your team being replaced for not having enough players. that will leave you to play on the ancillary events but not the knock out cup - Your fellow team members will not be happy to be replaced because you failed to book in with the team.

If you are playing in an ancillary event over the weekend and you are not part of a team competing in the knock out cup. you can use this form to book in.

Instructions for Use

1) Download the correct PDF file
2) Print three copies of the form
3) Fill out all three copies of the form as per instructions
4) Two copies to be posted to Tom Fahy (address is on the form)
5) Third copy is for your records

Once the booking is processed Vauxhall will send you confirmation of your booking

Download PDF Form For Events 4th to 7th October only

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