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Well here we are again writing the mighty Interleague tome known as the draw overview where I put my neck on the line and attempt to predict how each team will fare. This exercise usually results in 64 team captains calling me all the names under the sun. The 32 teams I predict as the group winners of course think I know my stuff.

Once the dust has settled on the World championship qualifiers, played on the Thursday and Friday before the Interleague, all thoughts turn towards the main event the National Interleague finals. It’s the reason that 96 teams and approximately 1500 players of all standards have made the annual pilgrimage to Vauxhall Holiday Park. To test their belief that as individuals they can cut it at the highest level and collectively as teams that they are one of the best around.

The team aspect of it is already true as each of the 96 present had to slog it out all year against the best that their counties had to offer in the county section of the Interleague. Now we are here and it’s now gone National where the best of the best will be going head to head in 32 groups consisting of three teams in each group. This is the section that sorts the men from the boys. The group stage has been and will be again this year the final resting place of many broken dreams as the reality of having to step up a few gears is no longer a hypothetical argument. This is the place where you have to stand up and be counted. All the bravado of the pre tournament bragging between the rival teams and players stops here and if you don’t produce the performance that matches your bragging you will be left feeling a second class citizen until the next Interleague event. That is how harsh the interleague battleground is.

The event takes no prisoners and shows no mercy to anyone that offers a sub standard performance. Make a mistake here and it’s punished mercilessly. Miss a pot on these tables you can’t even use the old stand by excuse that “it rolled off” because no-one will believe you. That’s how good that Stan, Yvonne and Sue prepare these tables. It’s really is amazing to think that a “Yarmouth table” is all you need to say to a pool player and they will now that you mean perfection in every aspect.

Anyway enough waffle it’s time to get stuck into this year’s story of blood sweat and tears that will end in the ultimate disappointment for all but one team either on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Group One
Traditionally, Table One see’s lasts years Champions begin their quest to retain their title! And to those that were still there in the main hall when Dawley won it last year will no doubt remember how proud Olwyn Blagborough was to pick up a trophy she has wanted to get her hands on for an awfully long time. But now it’s time to see if they can go all the way again. Dawley A will do well to remember that quite a few teams have fallen over at the first hurdle whilst trying to retain their title.

Durham’s Horden will be their first opponents. Horden have some very able cue men but whether they are enough to overcome Dawley’s all round superior fire power I doubt so I will go for Dawley to start their defence with a comfortable win.

Horden will then have to overcome Bedford A (Bedfordshire) if they are to keep their hopes alive
James Griffin’s Bedford ‘A’ captain has vast experience at this level and will select his playing order to maximise his team’s chances. He will know that they may be involved in a count back to see who wins this group. So a lot will depend on how compressively Bedford beat Horden.

This will set up the group decider between two Interleague heavyweights Bedford’s Interleague performances have been going up recently but whether they improved enough to be able to beat Dawley is a moot point. Bedford have James Griffin, always up their in region 4 ranking list, Paul Frith, Steve Dodwell and Terry Tievens. I think that Dawley with the Blagborough’s and Craig Reynolds will prove just too strong for Bedford. But I can see Bedford having enough big guns to claim a draw which is when the count back may come in useful.

Group Two
I wasn’t there but I would imagine there was a sharp in take of breath in Wigan, Mexborough and Ollerton when they saw the draw for the first time. This one is definitely this year’s group of death. All three teams in this group are proven last eight teams, and to have drawn each other in the group stage will be a massive disappointment to all three teams. Once the severity of the draw has sunk in all three team will be philosophical enough to say that’s the draw and we’ll just have to get on with it.

First match is Wigan (Lancashire) vs. Ollerton (Nottinghamshire) which is the opening salvo in what will be a blood bath as both teams jostle to win the match. Wigan have Captain Ian Davenport who will be relying on solid performances for John Cross, Geoff Harrison, Carl Bromley and Lee Bridge whilst Ollerton skipper Dave Buckley will have Ex England International Kev Seaman, Nick Jones, Gary McLeod and Scott Higgins which I think will be just enough. A win over Wigan will help Ollerton on their way to the last 32.

When Wigan take on Mexborough, Wigan will realise when they look across the table at the faces of Tommy Farrelly, Terry Hunt, Phil Cartwright, Alistair Bailie, Martin Hazel, John Astill and Gavin Preskey they will realise the enormity of the task that is facing them. If I was going to offer Wigan Skipper Ian Davenport some advice it would be, don’t unpack all of your suitcases, it might save you time in the long run!

A match to decide this group’s winner will therefore be between Ollerton and Mexborough (South Yorkshire), this is about as tough as they come this could quiet easily be a final but it isn’t it’s a group match and one team will be going home after it. I think the dog-eared determination of Ollerton not to let the superstars of Mexborough run away with it will make this match one to watch for anyone who enjoys big fames of pool but there has to be a winner in this case I think Mexborough will just have enough to overcome Ollerton. But it will probably take a three frame playoff to do this.

Group Three
Long Eaton are relative new comers to the Interleague so I would expect that Ely will make short work of the Derbyshire outfit. You just can’t see Long Eaton having what it takes to overcome the likes of Ely’s Dale Parson, Phil Harrison, Iain Aldous, Tim Barrett as well as England International Simon Rivers.

Long Eaton skipper Darren Smith, will have a much easier team when they take on the third team Rochdale as this is Rochdale’s first appearance in the Interleague for quite a while. So it’s the battle of two newish teams, Long Eaton’s slightly better experience will probably be just enough for them to over come Rochdale with Captain Kevin Holland, Chris Dean, Ady Brown and Mick Nichols.

This means that Ely will only have to avoid defeat against Rochdale to secure their place in the last 32 and will probably be the first team to do so.

Group Four
The opening match of this group should be quite interesting as Gary Francis’s Northants County take on the K/O cup surprise team McCluskey’s who will be keen to build of their October successes. Although Northants County have been here many times before I think given McCluskey’s performance in the October event McCluskey’s will prove too strong for Northants County even with England Under 21 team captain Wayne Gardner, Craig Haynes and one of the few ladies in this event Louise Hale.

In the second match when Northants County take on Dawley ‘B’ they will find much the same task as they had in taking on McCluskey's. Dawley should really cruise to of comfy victory over Northants County.

This means that McCluskey's and Dawley ‘B’ play off for the group. Based on history you would think that Dawley ‘B’ should win however I think McCluskey's will send Dawley ‘B’ in for an early bath.

Group Five
Table fives opening match is between two of the lesser known teams in the Interleague so this one in hard to predict. If I think about it I would expect the Grove Elites great experience in the event will be enough to overcome Surrey’s Premier Pool League.

That will mean Premier PL will be taking on Dorchester. Dorchester are another team that I know very little about so predicting how this match will go is a bit of a stab in the dark but I’m going to go with Premier PL as they come from Surrey and Surrey usually produce good sides.

If the above match goes the way I think then it will hand the group to Grove Elite on a plate as all they will have to do is avoid defeat and they will go through to the last 32.

Group Six
In the opening match of this group Friar Tuck take on Godalming ‘A’. Under normal circumstances I would go for Godalming to cruise their way through this match however Friar Tuck are the current Nottinghamshire Interleague champions that means that they have beaten Sun Valley and Ollerton, if they can do that then they must be a capable side. I still think Godalming will win this match but it’s not going to be as easy as it would have been in the past.

That means that Friar Tuck will then take on Gareth Hibbott’s Preston South with Neil Davey and John Rimmer. Again history tells me that although Friar Tuck are a much stronger team than they have been in the past Preston South with the players available to them should be able to see off any threat from Friar Tuck.

In the group decider between Godalming and Preston South it looks like a typical, couldn’t put a fag paper between the two teams type of tie but I think Godalming will just shade it and progress through to the last 32.

Group Seven
Prince of Wales (West Yorkshire) who won’t lead by Non Playing captain Lorraine Grice because she has just had twins (can’t really understand where she gets her priorities from but I’m sure she thinks she’s right to miss it). Anyway her boys will have to take on Leicester Dynamos. This is another match where both teams seem to appear to be fairly equal. I’m sure the recent additions to the Prince of Wales’ family will spur them on to win the match for Lorraine.

This will leave Leicester Dynamos facing Luton Elite with Paul Turnstill, England Under 21 player Liam Doherty. You would have thought that with the ability of the Luton Elite team it should be enough to overcome Leicester Dynamos.

Despite the fact that Prince of Wales will be trying as hard as they can to win for Lorraine, Luton Elite will probably not be feeling that generous and will send Prince of Wales back to West Yorkshire to do a spot of baby sitting.

Group Eight
With the amount of experience and quality in one team there should only be one winner of this group, however they are yet to show their full potential in the Interleague.
East Herts (Hertfordshire) field six professional tour players including professionals Neil Toms and Tony Vickers, along with three times Club Open winner, Danny Miller, this will make it hard for their first opponents Ulverston (Cumbria). Ulverston’s skipper Ian McMurdo and top players like Mark McMurdo, James Jackson and Martin Davies will have to perform if they want to get close to the Last 32.

Despite the mauling that East Herts will probably have given them Ulverston will be keen to show that they can play this game. This will mean that Newbold will be their unfortunate victims. If Ulverston do win this match then Newbold will not enjoy the prospect of having the take on East Herts after being beaten by Ulverston.

East Herts should really be able to rack this group up in the first 9 frames making sure that they make no mistakes in taking care of Newbold like they did of Ulverston.

Group Nine
Shrewsbury ‘A’ take on St Neots ‘A’, and although Shrewsbury ‘A’ haven’t really been performed to the top of their ability in recent Interleague events whilst St Neot’s haven’t exactly set the world on fire either, I see this match as a war of attrition but I expect Shrewsbury ‘A’ to be first past the post, which will saddle St Neots ‘A’ with the task of galloping past Milton Keynes ‘A’ just to keep their hopes alive.

Milton Keynes A’s lead by Adam Marlow with fellow professional Paul Sedman and Scott Willers shouldn’t really let St Neots out of the blocks. That will mean that Shrewsbury will be taking on Milton Keynes ‘A’ for a place in the last 32. As Milton Keynes appears to have a much stronger team I would expect Milton Keynes to progress.

Group Ten
This match last year was a semi final although this time round Cambridge do not have the same players and Grantham despite losing the services of Matt Goodale they should still be too strong for this Cambridge side.

This means that Cambridge will be taking on Brighton ‘B’ lead by that well known singer Andy Williams. Brighton ‘B’ with all their experience should prove too strong for this Cambridge side which will leave the path clear for Grantham and Brighton ‘B’ to slug it out.

When push comes to shove I think Grantham will have a little bit too much for Brighton to cope with and win the group by a frame or two.

Group Eleven
On the very next table Brighton ‘A’ will be taking on Afford ‘A’. In days gone by I always used to accuse Brighton ‘A’ who habitually fail to live up to their abilities. However over the last few seasons they have really come into their own and are now a force to be reckoned with. When you think they have Darren Welfare, Morray Dolan, Damian Campsey, and England Under 21 player Dean Torode and I nearly forgot Paul McNeil you won’t be surprised that I’m going to go with them to beat Afford ‘A’

This will mean that Afford ‘A’ will have to take on St Neots ‘B’. St Neots ‘B’ are probably the weakest team in this group and Afford ‘A’ should be capable of a comfortable will against them.

That will help Brighton ‘A’ make a formality of the group when they take on St Neots ‘B’ and sail into the last 32.

Group Twelve
Group Twelve sees one of the all time great Interleague teams Kettering take on one of the newer teams in Harlow. Kettering as usual will have Graham Berrutto, Dermot Kelly and the irrepressible ‘Love Machine’. Harlow have Paul McArdell, Gary Plowman and Sean O’Mara but I don’t think they have the same strength and depth as Kettering, therefore I think Kettering well be the team that comes out on top.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, their reward for losing to Kettering will be to go against Rochester with the likes of Ian Kettel, Ian Hubbard and newly successful England Men’s Team trialist Jordan Church to contend with. No matter how badly Rochester play, in recent years they have played very badly indeed considering the amount of talent they have in their line up, Harlow shouldn’t really be able to live with Rochester.

This will mean a head to head with two of the most famous names in the Interleague Kettering and Rochester, despite my misgivings about the ability of Rochester to self destruct I still think that when it comes to this match, Kettering will be going out and Rochester will win the group.

Group Thirteen
This table will host previous winners of the Interleague Trent Trophies ‘A, the quality of this team is awesome! With current World Champion Gareth Potts, England Team Captain Lee Kendall, former England Youth Captain, Under 21 player and a new member of the England Men’s Team Adam Davis as well as a former World Champion Carl Morris.

First to face them will be Lowestoft Town Select who may consider their best option may be to forget to set their alarm clocks at least that was they can claim they weren’t beaten on the table. Assuming their alarm clock does go of they will then take on Andover Swallows. Andover Swallows although not in the same league as Trent Trophies ‘A’ should have more than enough with Rob Rasey, Daren Day and Neil Davis to send Lowestoft Town Select back down the coast road without a win to their names.

With all due respect to Andover Swallows, who are a good team, the task facing them in beating Trent Trophies A will be about the equivalent of having Wembley stadium ready to stage football matches at the end of the week. It’s just not going to happen!

Group Fourteen
Regular visitors to the Interleague St Albans Saints take on City Of Coventry. St Albans Saints always look like they are going to do something but when it comes down to it they always find a way of shooting themselves in the foot. City Of Coventry on the other hand are a workman like team who will quietly go about their business, although St Albans Saints might have more flare it will not be enough to knockout the solid team performance that City Of Coventry will produce.

Shrewsbury ‘B’ having seen St Albans Saints struggle to overcome City Of Coventry will probably be surprised to see that having lost the first one St Albans Saint suddenly turn on the style and give Shrewsbury a real run for their money and probably win by the odd frame.

Shrewsbury ‘B’ then face a up hill struggle when they take on City Of Coventry in an attempt to win the group, City Of Coventry will do much the same as they did to St Albans and quietly go about their business and win the group.

Group Fifteen
Hertford’s Karl Beattie has a team with a mixture of youth, experience and players that like to spend time at the bar and he must be able to lead them well if they wish to defeat Small Heath who have Dave Preece, Rod Bannister, Liam Driver and Ian Priest. Small Heath who 9 times out of 10 will make it to the last 16, so Hertford will really have their work cut out.

East Northant’s Pool League are also past masters of spending time at the bar after they have been knocked out in the group stage and I don’t see this time being any different. Hertford should have what it takes to defeat Northants, that will be a shame as it will virtually hand Small Heath the group but that is how it will be.

Group Sixteen
If the group above appears to be a bit of a formality then this is a dead cert banker because the group contains P.J.'s Stourbridge who are led by Captain Paul Dunkey with Rob Chilton, Neil Raybone and Pat Ward. The match between P.J.'s Stourbridge and Sheppey ‘A’ unfortunately for Sheppey ‘A’ will be a one horse race no matter how Sheppey ‘A’ play, P.J.'s Stourbridge will have the gears to cope with it. The only thing Sheppey ‘A’ will take out of this is the experience of playing against a top team

When Sheppey ‘A’ take on Nuneaton things will not get much better for them as Nuneaton will prove to strong for them also.

Nuneaton with Alun Jones, Matt Cooke, and Steve Tedds will put up a good fight but the experience and quality of PJ’s big guns will see them into the last 32.

Group Seventeen
When Milton Keynes ‘B’ take on Lye & Stourbridge it will be a match up between two evenly matched teams but for me the greater experience of Lye & Stourbridge will be the deciding factor of who will win the opening match.

That will mean Milton Keynes will take on Barking Phoenix lead by the bearded one, Alan Pointer. Looking at Barking Phoenix’s team it looks like they have got the edge over Milton Keynes and as Alan Pointer informed me they are according to the Interleague rankings the highest ranked team in this group and this therefore makes them favourites.

In my view this is where the ranking system falls down as I believe that Lye & Stourbridge will edge out Barking Phoenix and the bearded one will be spending the next year saying that the ranking system is crap!

Group Eighteen
First to face one of the many great sides in the Interleague from Lancashire the All’oas, lead by Mick Timmins with Lee Clough, Dave Chalmers and Nathan Bridges will be East Yorkshire’s Beverley ‘A’. Beverly A are very experienced in the Interleague and will be aware of the enormity of the task that faces them if they are going to qualify. Their only real hope and it’s not much of one is that the All’oas can be slow starters at that time of the morning.

Beverley ‘A’ will then take on Penwith to avoid an early exit in this years Interleague, despite losing to the All’oas Beverly ‘A’ should still be able to produce enough quality pool to be able to see off Penwith.

All’oas will then only not have to lose to Penwith to secure their place in the last 32, I think the boys from Lancashire will find this a formality.

Group Nineteen
Braintree against Leeds Lincoln Green will be another one of the tight matches where both teams are evenly matched. Braintree normally struggle to get out of the group but at the same time so do Leeds Lincoln Green. Looking at the two teams I think Braintree will have enough to edge out Leeds Lincoln Green.

The Leeds Lincoln Green vs. Bicester match will be the same as the first, where both teams are quite evenly matched but I think that Leeds Lincoln Green will just shade it and but doing so give Braintree the group.

Group Twenty
Wolverhampton Wednesday ‘B’ will take on Colchester ‘A’. The mere mention of the Wolverhampton Wednesday is enough to instil fear in any team that gets drawn against them although in this case its Wolverhampton Wednesday ‘B’ so Colchester can rest easier. Wolverhampton Wednesday ‘B’ are still a quality outfit and will probably have a little too much for Colchester to cope with.

Heywood are a new Interleague team and therefore it’s hard to judge how well they will do but like most other new comers it will be a steep learning curve when they see how high the standard really is. I can’t see Heywood having enough to beat Colchester despite the fact that they have just lost to Wolverhampton Wednesday ‘B’ so when Wolverhampton Wednesday ‘B’ play Heywood it should be a near formality to put Wolverhampton Wednesday ‘B’ into the last 32.

Group Twenty-One
Afford Elite take on Radstock, both teams have a long association with the Interleague but of the two teams Radstock have slightly the better players which mean that Afford Elite will be taking on Ipswich.

Ipswich are a team that have really come on in recent year and are now one of the top teams in the event which is thanks to Alan Mower, England Under 21 player Matt Purnell and European’s Youth Runner-Up Richard Twomey.

And as good as Radstock are, I think that Ipswich with their recent run of form will be too hot to handle.

Group Twenty-Two
Renegade ‘A’ captain is new England manager Robert Uzzell so he should know a thing or two about picking the right team and the players at his disposal, are not quite England standard, but they should still be good enough to beat Lowestoft ‘A’. They in turn once they have lost the first match will take on N.V.P.L.

N.V.P.L captained by Ant Floyer will struggle to find what he needs to beat Lowestoft ‘A’, which will open the way to Renegade winning the group.

Group Twenty-Three
The opening match in group Twenty-Three is between Allan Davis and Bury, features two new teams to Interleague. Allan Davis have featured in previous Interleague but this was some time ago, because Allan Davis has slightly more experience than Bury I would expect Allan Davis to win the match.

If Bury thought their first match was hard enough they are not going to believe who they have got to play next. Their opponents are no less than, Imperial 1. Lead by skipper and New Member of the England team Dean Wisher with Andy Breen, Sean Halligan and Ramesh Gokhul. For Bury it will be an achievement to clock up more than 3 or 4 frames against a team with this much fire power. Bury will be able to go home and tell their friend that they played against one of the greatest teams in the Interleague.

When Allan Davis take on Imperial 1 they will get the same treatment that Bury got and they too will be lucky if they can get 6 frames out of Imperial 1 before they get to the finish post.

Group Twenty-Four
Tolworth lead by Jason Norris should have no real problems in dealing with City of Leicester as previous history shows that Tolworth usually come through their group whereas City of Leicester rarely get out of theirs.

Once Tolworth has despatched City of Leicester, Gosport will then take on City of Leicester and judging by the team line up Gosport shouldn’t have too much trouble in ending City of Leicester involvement in another Interleague event. This will mean Tolworth and Gosport go head to head for a place in the last 32. Although Gosport are a reasonable team the players available to Jason Norris should be enough to make sure that it is Tolworth that go through to the last 32 and not Gosport.

Group Twenty-Five
E.H.P.L. take on Folkestone A in the opening match in this group. Every year I say that I think this will be the year that E.H.P.L. will fulfil their promise and every year they prove me wrong they have a team with vast amounts of experience and really should do better than they do. That said I can’t see them losing to Folkstone ‘A’ who although they are a good team don’t have the same player resources that East Herts Pool League do.

Folkstone ‘A’ will now take on Leeds Premier, this looks like it will be a close match and I think that Leeds Premier will have just enough to edge out Folkstone ‘A’ which will set up a head to head clash between E.H.P.L and Leeds Premier.

History tells me that I shouldn’t do this but I still believe that E.H.P.L will win the group.

Group Twenty-Six
This will be Redruth’s first time at the Interleague and they could have got an easier draw than Leicester for their baptism. Leicester skipper Steve Doughnut Robertshaw says this is one of the strongest teams Leicester have ever gone with. Full strength Leicester are championship contenders so it is difficult to see any other winner of this match than Leicester. To Illustrate the fire power available to Skipper Robertshaw you have names like Tommy Donlon, Mark Selby and Tom Ford Just putting these three in your team is an almost certain 3 frame lead. The bad news for Redruth is that Leicester are not just those three players, they are strong all round

That means that Redruth get to play Kendal, and Kendal although not anywhere near as strong as Leicester should still be a little too strong for Redruth to make any impact on the group.

When Kendal take on Leicester, I expect Leicester to serve up to Kendal the same sort of dish they served up to Redruth earlier. If they do then Leicester will win the group at a canter.

Group Twenty-Seven
Bracknell & Ascot are another of the first timers who have to take on one of the events real contenders in Coventry. Bracknell & Ascot’s Skipper Dave Bryant has a real selection dilemma because if he gets it right Bracknell & Ascot may just put in a respectable performance. If he gets it wrong Coventry’s boys like Baz Hinde, Liam Farrell, Martin Kirby, Steve Mullen &, Tim Singh will show them exactly why they are considered as one of the top teams in the Interleague. I hope it turns out a respectable performance. Whatever performance it turns out to be Coventry will win.

Bracknell & Ascot will then take on City of Leicester who by their own admission tend to struggle to get out of the group. I think that Bracknell & Ascot may well give them a match but I think City of Leicester’s greater experience in the event will prove to be the deciding factor in this match.

Leicester City will find that despite the experience they have it won’t be enough to stop Coventry from winning the group and consigning Leicester City to another year of failing to negotiate the round robin section.

Group Twenty-Eight
On the next table we have Sun Valley opening their campaign against Medway. Medway have a considerable amount of experience but Les Boddy along with all his team’s experience will not be enough to stop Jim I’Anson’s boys from winning.

Medway will then go straight back on to play St Johns and I can see this being a tight match but I think that St John’s will come out on top leaving Medway with no further interest in the event.

Sun Valley will then take on St John’s in the group decider St John’s may have beat Medway but trying to beat Sun Valley will not be an easy task. Sun Valley are a team that expect to get to the last eight before they are tested. That means for St John’s to test them they would have to be a last 16, last eight team unfortunately they are not so I can’t see any further than a Sun Valley win without having to test the engines too much.

Group Twenty-Nine
This group is a refreshing group in that it no clear winner so it’s up for grabs for all three teams. Wessex and Penrith kick this group off and it will be a nip and tuck affair but I think Wessex will just have enough to win the opening match by the odd frame. Howden will then take on Penrith, this again will be a really tight match which should be good for going the distance. I think Penrith will make amends for their earlier defeat by beating Howden.

What this means in terms of the group is that when the match between Howden and Wessex starts all three teams are still in with a shout. Penrith of course will be pinning their hopes on Howden winning the match but not by such a margin that makes them clear winners of the group.

When it comes down it I think it will be Wessex who come out of this group based on the fact that they look like they have slightly better pressure players than the other two.

Group Thirty
This group is another of the close ones with no overall clear group winner although when Taunton take on Romney Marsh in the opening match it may well be the deciding factor in this group. Not that the group can be decided on this match alone. but the team that wins will probably  have the extra something you need added to their make up. I believe that Taunton will, in the end, have a bit too much for Romney Marsh to cope with and win the match.

Then Romney Marsh will take on Dinnington who are not likely to be phased by having to play Romney Marsh but I think that Romney Marsh will want to prove that their defeat in the opening match was just one of those things and come back and bite Dinnington. If Romney Marsh win this match Dinnington will have an uphill struggle to win this group.

When Taunton take on Dinnington, Taunton will be holding all the aces. Dinnington will need to win by a big margin to go through, Romney Marsh will be relying on Dinnington to beat Taunton but by a big margin. Taunton will on the other hand know that all they have to do is to avoid defeat and they win the group and with all that in their favour Taunton will have to have a nightmare of epic proportions not to win the group.

Group Thirty-One
Table 31 sees Chesterfield taking on Holderness and with the amount of supporters that Chesterfield have the equivalent of a frame start. Holderness will have their work cut out to get anything out of this match. I see Chesterfield winning the opening match in this group with ease

That will mean that Holderness will be taking on Surrey Warriors in the knowledge that a loss will put them out of the event. Unfortunately for Holderness, Surrey Warriors will be chasing their own dreams and that includes winning this group.

When Surrey Warriors take on Chesterfield it will be for the group. This match has all the ingredients for a classic. Both teams have tasted success in the Interleague before but for me Chesterfield has the edge and will win the group wit two straight wins.

Group Thirty-Two
Preston take on Netherthorpe in the opening match in this group. This is only Preston City’s second visit here but I think they will beat Netherthorpe but only just.

Netherthorpe will go out of the event when Littlehampton Select beat them with a convincing win

When Littlehampton Select and Preston City meet I feel that Littlehampton Select will have just enough to get past Preston city

Tom Fahy
Tournament Director

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