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Interleague 2014
Interleague Stats 2014

Team lists
Please note: these team lists contain EVERY player registered to your team on the EPA database for 2013.

If any of your players are missing from this list it needs to be addressed with your county secretary, not the tournament organisers, before your team arrives at Vauxhall.
Any players not on your team list by the time we get to Vauxhall's will not be allowed to play.
Qualification criteria
No players will be allowed to play in the Finals if their playing stats are below the minimum required and their inclusion on these lists do not indicate that any player has reached the minimum qualification requirements.

If any player is below the minimum qualification criteria (50% in both local league & county Interleague) they will need dispensation from the tournament director in order to play. Each case will be judged on their merits.
Sefton & District Jj'S team list
   Billy Rimmer
   Christopher O'Hare(10007451)
   Daniel Mcbrias(10011477)
   Darren Mcgill(10011694)
   Darren Rimmer(10007477)
   David Kavanagh(10001562)
   Dean Hulme(10007463)
   Geoffrey Geeson(10001550)
   Ian Woods(10009325)
   James Hamilton(10009375)
   Jamie Alexander
   Jason Jackson
   John King
   John Wilson(10009377)
   Kevin O'Hagan(10001540)
   Leam Lock
   Lewis Massingham(10007467)
   Matthew Evans(10011454)
   Michael Boundy(10009316)
   Paul Day(10011453)
   Paul Massingham(10009327)
   Paul Rimmer(10011484)
   Phil Quantrell(10011452)
   Robert Neary(10001538)
   Sarah Mcateer(10007382)
   Stuart Mcgill(10001536)
   William Jones(10011459)

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