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1.Devon A1018
2.Somerset A1017
3.Cornwall A1016
4.Bristol A1016
5.Dorset A1013
6.Isle of Wight A105
1.Cornwall B1027
2.Devon B1027
3.Somerset B1015
4.Bristol B1013
5.Dorset B106
6.Isle of Wight B10-2
1.Devon L1027
2.Somerset L1026
3.Cornwall L1015
4.Dorset L1015
5.Bristol L106
6.Isle of Wight L10-2
Men's Leading players
 1.Keith BrewerDorset A102
 2.Stephen WhatleySomerset A86
 3.Mike KingDevon A84
 4.Andy CooperBristol A78
 5.Jason GrigorCornwall A72
 6.Jamie GrahamDevon A72
 7.Ben HolleySomerset A69
Nick RoweCornwall A69
 9.Gary HodgsonCornwall A69
Shaun NewDevon A69
Haydon PinheyDevon A69
12.Mark BurrSomerset A66
Partab SinghBristol A66
14.Ryan CleavesCornwall A66
15.Nick LeeIsle of Wight A66
Ladies Leading players
 1.Sophie Gibbs NichollsDevon L111
 2.Sarah WaitSomerset L99
Stacey GrahamDevon L99
 4.Lisa MooreSomerset L96
 5.Michelle ChissellDorset L87
 6.Alex de FratesBristol L87
Emma DownesDevon L87
 8.Kirsten ChinnockSomerset L84
 9.Sammi HoggSomerset L81
Renee MitchellDevon L81
11.Hayley MarksSomerset L81
Louise CordreyDevon L81
13.Michelle GrundySomerset L78
14.Paula PopeCornwall L75
15.Stacey HancockCornwall L72

Region 6 Adult Inter County 2016

Playing record for Gary Haley
(Devon B)
Match Venue Frame Opposition Opponent Result
1 Home 39 Bristol B Chris Coccia(10014202) Lost
2 Away 9 Cornwall B Mark Wilson(10009527) Won
2 Away 18 Cornwall B Chris Brown(10015952) Won
2 Away 30 Cornwall B Lee Sturtridge(10004394) Lost
2 Away 43 Cornwall B Jason Ottaway(10004391) Won
3 Away 8 Somerset B Dan Chanter(10004579) Lost
3 Away 21 Somerset B Doug Oxley(10013364) Lost
4 Home 10 Dorset B Dan Whitlock(10014130) Won
4 Home 21 Dorset B Dan Halfhide(10014143) Won
4 Home 32 Dorset B Richard Clayton(10014141) Won
4 Home 43 Dorset B Dave Pick(10004329) Lost
5 Home 9 Isle of Wight B Jeffrey Gilbert(10006876) Lost
5 Home 20 Isle of Wight B Philip Beeney(10014949) Won
5 Home 31 Isle of Wight B Lee Copeland(10006814) Won
5 Home 42 Isle of Wight B   Won
6 Away 9 Bristol B Paul Gilmour(10011959) Lost
6 Away 18 Bristol B Jamie Hawkins(10004067) Won
6 Away 30 Bristol B Tom Whitcombe(10009637) Lost
6 Away 43 Bristol B Harry Smith(10008995) Won
7 Home 9 Cornwall B Mark Wilson(10009527) Lost
7 Home 20 Cornwall B Jason Ottaway(10004391) Won
7 Home 31 Cornwall B Sam Kevern(10009589) Lost
7 Home 42 Cornwall B Wayne Pellow(10014193) Lost
8 Home 9 Somerset B Bradley Ellison(10013373) Won
8 Home 20 Somerset B Mark Eden(10012910) Won
8 Home 31 Somerset B John Stead(10016827) Lost
8 Home 42 Somerset B Andy Spry(10014976) Won
9 Away 9 Dorset B Paul Aymes(10004328) Lost
9 Away 18 Dorset B Alex Greenham(10004326) Won
9 Away 30 Dorset B Dan Halfhide(10014143) Won
9 Away 43 Dorset B Ryan Brown(10004334) Won
10 Away 9 Isle of Wight B Will Tuck(10011371) Won
10 Away 18 Isle of Wight B Ronnie Keates(10007645) Won
10 Away 30 Isle of Wight B Philip Beeney(10014949) Won
10 Away 43 Isle of Wight B Jeffrey Gilbert(10006876) Won
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