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Golden Cue - 2015

G Cue Singles

Last 32 (5)

Sun 10th May 9am

Nick Phillips30Matthew Peel
John Holmes30Shaun Daly
Ryan Michie32Wayne Dutton
Paul Maloney31Mark Astbury
David Oxtoby32Richard Twomey
Andy Pond23John Lord
Steve Witkiewicz32Chris Diston
Mark Ash32Paul Arnett
John Howarth23Roger Hunt
Trevor Ware30Brian Chadwick
Dan Eaton-Lees31Josh Kane
Alex Leggate23Andy Coles
Phil Harrison31Shaun O'Boye
Sam Bircher32Karl Sutton
Tommy Lewis32Scott Nelson
Dom Cooney13Anthony Death

Last 16 (5)

Nick Phillips32John Holmes
Ryan Michie03Paul Maloney
David Oxtoby32John Lord
Steve Witkiewicz31Mark Ash
Roger Hunt31Trevor Ware
Dan Eaton-Lees31Andy Coles
Phil Harrison13Sam Bircher
Tommy Lewis23Anthony Death

Quarter Final (7)

Nick Phillips34Paul Maloney
David Oxtoby24Steve Witkiewicz
Roger Hunt14Dan Eaton-Lees
Sam Bircher43Anthony Death

Semi Final (7)

Paul Maloney41Steve Witkiewicz
Dan Eaton-Lees24Sam Bircher

Final (9)

Paul Maloney15Sam Bircher

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