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Golden Cue - 2016

Golden Cue


Sat 7th May 8am

Heath House A Norfolk15Witney Snooker Club
RacksMasters Berkshire25Pig & Whistle L.A.A
Rileys Rockets Worcs53Travellers Rest S York
North Star B Wiltshire35Drum & MonkTMM Suff
Locomotive Bashers54Lucky Kiss E Staffs
Rose & Crown Thetford05Crown Inn A Cheshire
Mr Pools Triple Threat52The Bulls Head A Cambs
Breakers A Notts05'147 Youth Leicester
Boston Snooker TB45Caseys A Northants
Court Club A Cambs35The Grapes Lancs
The Gamull B Lancs05DSC Winkers Beds
Coalville Con Club A35The Club Notts
Woolpack Suff05Shades A Herts
Phoenix Flyers Notts54Gardeners DM Essex
The Tern Bristol50Rushden Ath Cl A
Harvest Hooves Beds45Pewter pot B S Yorks
GPCA A Essex45Crazy Golfers
Cue & Brew Sambuca15Sporting L W Mids
Club 147 KAT Leics53D S C Jokers Beds
Phoenix Reds Notts52Drum & Monk AS Suff
Saracens Head A50Kings End Club Oxon
Golden Cue CJ W Mids50Drum & Monk Smooth Ops
Spencers Sports Bar B54Essex Young Guns Essex
Greyfriars F Beds05Top Spot 97 Leics
Drake Dishers Suff50Whos The Daddy Lancs
'3 and Easy G.M.C.25Midland Snooker Aces
Rileys Jam Worcs53Silver Jubilee A G.M.C
Grantham Snooker Lincs52George & Dragon A
Mr Pools 101 Essex50Court Youths Cambs
Beast 8 Ballers Dorset45M.S.C. A Kent
Breaking Good London05Queen Charlotte 111
Cheers Raiders Sussex51I-T-F-R Derby

Sat 7th May 9:30am

Pick Pockets A London25'147 Predators Wilts
Court & Dropped Cambs15Harvest Home Outlaws
Staffs Arms S Yorks15William IV One Norfolk
CSGD Suff05Volunteer Arms W Yorks
Kings Arms Hotel Lancs15Tradewell Snooker MW
Greyfriars E Beds25'3 Crowns A Bristol
Racks Z52The Royal Standard A
Pheonix Z Notts50Globe Hotel Tyne & W
The Everard Arms51Three Ways Suff
Rileys Devils Norwich51Lucky Kiss A Staffs
Tradesman Arms TE15Desborough F.C.
Lord Nelson B S Yorks51Combine Harvesters
Pig & Whistle L.A.B.51The Clay Pigeon B
'147 Snooker Wiltshire51Racks SB Berkshire
Hillingdon Legion A45Moorends Hotel JA
Rushden Ath Cl B35Pot Black Club Suff
Diddington Players53Avon Mill A Warks
Hove Park Tavern Z05The Four Tips Cambs
Keith Davis Cue Sports35AMC Leisure Sussex
All Sports Bar Cyprus52Hucknall Spot On TH
Royal Mail Cart Lincs52Reckleford Tigers
Bar 8 Warks35The Woolpack Suff
Dog Inn A Lancs54Romney A Kent
Rileys Nottingham51Clay Pigeon A Essex
The Cue Masters Surrey54Avon Mill NB Warks
Hartwell Club15Diss Cue Club Boys
Lucky Kiss B Staffs54United Sports Bar
Mavericks Elite Kent52GMT Legends Essex
The Court JR Cambs52Spot On Hustlers
The 3 Crowns B Bristol50Corporation Club
Harvest Home Beds05Lucky Kiss D Staffs
Norman Snooker Lancs52Legends Cats Essex

Round 1

Sat 7th May 11am

Lucky Kiss G Staffs05Essex Elite Essex
Spots and Stripes Kent54Woadmans Arms Cambs
Dunstable Snooker Z53Castle Arrys Sussex
USSR London25Racks CF Berkshire
The Bull Northants15The Bell Inn Leics
Romany Z Northants15Hot Shots London
Court Potting Cambs50Harvest Lovers Beds
Maidstone LG Kent45The G.B.U. London
The Sportsman JJ25Legends KS Essex
Plaza Potters Staffs54Bourne Pyramid Club
Road to Morocco D51Wigston 4 Leics
Cambridge Sn Centre51Crawley Rugby Club
Spring Street Club51The Bulls Head B Cambs
Greyfriars B Beds50Laterns A Kent
Stumble Inn Notts51Breakers B Notts
P.S.L. LW Cambs53Willow Inn GP Leics
Corby Snooker A05Spot On DC
The Cross Keys Kent15The Herald Bucks
The Sportsman RHTO25Cambridge Snooker DC
Pewter Pot A S Yorks53Abingdon Con Club Oxon
Sunderland St. Sp Club25Greyhound Diss A
Hammersmith Sands15Rileys Potters A
Travellers Call25Mr Pools Three Amigos
Churchills B Kent45The Corner Pin London
RAFA Club A Cambs50Attleborough Sn Cen C
Avon Mill C Warks05The Lions Norfolk
Greyfriars Underdogs B45Build a Bridge Somerst
Corn Exchange Sports B25WTs Sports Bar RJ Camb
Mr Pools A Essex45The Mermaid Hants
The Castle RC Sussex05Harvest Home TT Beds
Maidstone Snooker BA50Stumble Inn 3D 1C
Heath House B Norfolk45Hillingdon RBL London

Sat 7th May 12:30pm

The County A Willenhal53Diss Cue Club AH
The Old Oak Worcs54Keith Davis Cue Sports
George & Dragon B Camb15The Divas Bucks
Arrys Castle Sussex35Rileys Rejects Norfolk
Dunstable Snooker PC B25O'Donoghues
Spot On MR52Hillingdon Brit Leg B
Jaxx Q Club Derby53Red House DC Leics
Rainbows Elite Leics05Crocked Billet Herefrd
Diss Cue Club A05The Telegraph Shrop
Pineapple Inn A Lancs05Cannock Social B Staff
The Eagles Norfolk52Club 147 DW Leics
Botanical Gardens35Lanterns B Kent
Sovereign Snooker JC45Unwin Social Club A
The Bernards Kent35GPCA B Essex
Duke of York W Mids52T.C.C. Leics
The Boro Boys Lincs51Rileys Worcester Worcs
Rileys Rocks Norfolk52Gatehouse A G.M.C.
Horse & Jockey W Mids54Gwyness Club Lincs
Red House C Leics50Harvest Cues Beds
Royal Standard B45The Grippin W Mids
The Sportsman A Lincs15Eltham Terrace
Mr Bumbles Surrey51Greyfriars D Beds
CSC Longshots Cambs35Barny Arms Xray Suff
Ox & Plough Norfolk51Moreton Hall Club Suff
Snooker Exiles Norfolk53The Queen Charlotte A
Melton Snooker Club A35Players DL Staffs
Kennys Sportsbar15White Horse Stallions
Only at the Brew Worcs54Mavericks Odd Squad
Pick Pockets B London15ASC Choppers Norfolk
Smith & Sons W Mids52Sittingbourne Snooker
Been Tango'd Cambs51Simons Angels Norfolk
Greyfriars C Beds25The Crown W Mids

Sat 7th May 2pm

Windmill RG Norfolk35Leicester Lions Leics
Hazelwood House Staffs15Spots & Stripes NS
The Romany A Northants45Hurricane Rooms Herts
Court Z Cambs35Smoking Pots E Yorks
Gatehouse B G.M.C.15Drum & Monk KS Suff
Legends TC Essex25The Cricketers Hants
The Three Ways B Suff15Emley Moor WMC B WY
'147a Sn Centre Cambs05Prince of Wales B
MSC Sharks Kent54Silktown Snooker CH
Drum & Monk Hybrids45Rileys Harlow RK Essex
Alma Aces Kent50Players P&S AD
Spectrum Academy Dorst54Rileys DPH Norfolk
Seven Wives Cambs50Fountain Bar Hants
Reem Team Essex25The Grapes Northumblnd
Cannock Social A50Barny Yankee Suff
Court Silver Cambs51Crown Inn B Cheshire
Noels Arms Leics53Drum & Monk Rackers
Lucky Kiss H Staffs53Knottys Potters Worcs
William IV Two Norfolk50Drum & Monk Outsiders
Maidstone Snooker Club35Silktown Snooker DH
Coalville & Dist Con C45Court Transfers Cambs
Barny Arms Zulu Suff51Franks Pool Club Herts
Hazelwood House RK53Filtermania Rebels
Punch Topcats Suff15Cambridge A Cambs
Drum & Monk TJs Suff53Lanterns Kent
Town House SI Cambs15Weston All Stars
Redhouse Warriors15The Greyhound G.M.C
Spencers Sports Bar A50Drum & Monk Young Guns
Lake Lothing AB Suff35Greenstead Social Club
The Woolpack Zeds Suff53Spot-On NRP Northants
Court 147 Cambs54Rileys JH Worcs
Ex Services Cl Corby50Drum & Monk U Suff

Sat 7th May 3:30pm

Witney Snooker Club54Norman Snooker Lancs
Pig & Whistle L.A.A45Lucky Kiss D Staffs
Rileys Rockets Worcs53The 3 Crowns B Bristol
Drum & MonkTMM Suff15The Court JR Cambs
Locomotive Bashers51Mavericks Elite Kent
Crown Inn A Cheshire54Lucky Kiss B Staffs
Mr Pools Triple Threat50Diss Cue Club Boys
'147 Youth Leicester35The Cue Masters Surrey
Caseys A Northants45Rileys Nottingham
The Grapes Lancs35Dog Inn A Lancs
DSC Winkers Beds51The Woolpack Suff
The Club Notts54Royal Mail Cart Lincs
Shades A Herts15All Sports Bar Cyprus
Phoenix Flyers Notts35AMC Leisure Sussex
The Tern Bristol25The Four Tips Cambs
Pewter pot B S Yorks45Diddington Players
Crazy Golfers53Pot Black Club Suff
Sporting L W Mids45Moorends Hotel JA
Club 147 KAT Leics35'147 Snooker Wiltshire
Phoenix Reds Notts53Pig & Whistle L.A.B.
Saracens Head A52Lord Nelson B S Yorks
Golden Cue CJ W Mids54Desborough F.C.
Spencers Sports Bar B45Rileys Devils Norwich
Top Spot 97 Leics50The Everard Arms
Drake Dishers Suff05Pheonix Z Notts
Midland Snooker Aces45Racks Z
Rileys Jam Worcs53'3 Crowns A Bristol
Grantham Snooker Lincs53Tradewell Snooker MW
Mr Pools 101 Essex25Volunteer Arms W Yorks
M.S.C. A Kent52William IV One Norfolk
Queen Charlotte 11152Harvest Home Outlaws
Cheers Raiders Sussex35'147 Predators Wilts

Round 2

Sat 7th May 5pm

Essex Elite Essex35The County A Willenhal
Spots and Stripes Kent45The Old Oak Worcs
Dunstable Snooker Z53The Divas Bucks
Racks CF Berkshire35Rileys Rejects Norfolk
The Bell Inn Leics25O'Donoghues
Hot Shots London51Spot On MR
Court Potting Cambs51Jaxx Q Club Derby
The G.B.U. London35Crocked Billet Herefrd
Legends KS Essex54The Telegraph Shrop
Plaza Potters Staffs45Cannock Social B Staff
Road to Morocco D35The Eagles Norfolk
Cambridge Sn Centre52Lanterns B Kent
Spring Street Club52Unwin Social Club A
Greyfriars B Beds05GPCA B Essex
Stumble Inn Notts54Duke of York W Mids
P.S.L. LW Cambs25The Boro Boys Lincs
Spot On DC35Rileys Rocks Norfolk
The Herald Bucks05Horse & Jockey W Mids
Cambridge Snooker DC25Red House C Leics
Pewter Pot A S Yorks25The Grippin W Mids
Greyhound Diss A53Eltham Terrace
Rileys Potters A51Mr Bumbles Surrey
Mr Pools Three Amigos45Barny Arms Xray Suff
The Corner Pin London51Ox & Plough Norfolk
RAFA Club A Cambs53Snooker Exiles Norfolk
The Lions Norfolk05Players DL Staffs
Build a Bridge Somerst54White Horse Stallions
WTs Sports Bar RJ Camb51Only at the Brew Worcs
The Mermaid Hants05ASC Choppers Norfolk
Harvest Home TT Beds53Smith & Sons W Mids
Maidstone Snooker BA25Been Tango'd Cambs
Hillingdon RBL London45The Crown W Mids

Sat 7th May 6:30pm

Leicester Lions Leics05Witney Snooker Club
Spots & Stripes NS51Lucky Kiss D Staffs
Hurricane Rooms Herts45Rileys Rockets Worcs
Smoking Pots E Yorks25The Court JR Cambs
Drum & Monk KS Suff51Locomotive Bashers
The Cricketers Hants51Crown Inn A Cheshire
Emley Moor WMC B WY53Mr Pools Triple Threat
Prince of Wales B15The Cue Masters Surrey
MSC Sharks Kent05Rileys Nottingham
Rileys Harlow RK Essex54Dog Inn A Lancs
Alma Aces Kent35DSC Winkers Beds
Spectrum Academy Dorst25The Club Notts
Seven Wives Cambs25All Sports Bar Cyprus
The Grapes Northumblnd25AMC Leisure Sussex
Cannock Social A15The Four Tips Cambs
Court Silver Cambs50Diddington Players
Noels Arms Leics45Crazy Golfers
Lucky Kiss H Staffs15Moorends Hotel JA
William IV Two Norfolk25'147 Snooker Wiltshire
Silktown Snooker DH52Phoenix Reds Notts
Court Transfers Cambs51Saracens Head A
Barny Arms Zulu Suff35Golden Cue CJ W Mids
Hazelwood House RK54Rileys Devils Norwich
Cambridge A Cambs52Top Spot 97 Leics
Drum & Monk TJs Suff25Pheonix Z Notts
Weston All Stars25Racks Z
The Greyhound G.M.C15Rileys Jam Worcs
Spencers Sports Bar A25Grantham Snooker Lincs
Greenstead Social Club53Volunteer Arms W Yorks
The Woolpack Zeds Suff35M.S.C. A Kent
Court 147 Cambs53Queen Charlotte 111
Ex Services Cl Corby53'147 Predators Wilts

Round 3

Sat 7th May 8pm

The County A Willenhal53The Old Oak Worcs
Dunstable Snooker Z52Rileys Rejects Norfolk
O'Donoghues51Hot Shots London
Court Potting Cambs54Crocked Billet Herefrd
Legends KS Essex51Cannock Social B Staff
The Eagles Norfolk53Cambridge Sn Centre
Spring Street Club35GPCA B Essex
Stumble Inn Notts52The Boro Boys Lincs
Rileys Rocks Norfolk50Horse & Jockey W Mids
Red House C Leics52The Grippin W Mids
Greyhound Diss A15Rileys Potters A
Barny Arms Xray Suff35The Corner Pin London
RAFA Club A Cambs54Players DL Staffs
Build a Bridge Somerst35WTs Sports Bar RJ Camb
ASC Choppers Norfolk50Harvest Home TT Beds
Been Tango'd Cambs45The Crown W Mids
Witney Snooker Club35Spots & Stripes NS
Rileys Rockets Worcs35The Court JR Cambs
Drum & Monk KS Suff52The Cricketers Hants
Emley Moor WMC B WY35The Cue Masters Surrey
Rileys Nottingham52Rileys Harlow RK Essex
DSC Winkers Beds53The Club Notts
All Sports Bar Cyprus25AMC Leisure Sussex
The Four Tips Cambs35Court Silver Cambs
Crazy Golfers25Moorends Hotel JA
'147 Snooker Wiltshire52Silktown Snooker DH
Court Transfers Cambs45Golden Cue CJ W Mids
Hazelwood House RK15Cambridge A Cambs
Pheonix Z Notts51Racks Z
Rileys Jam Worcs15Grantham Snooker Lincs
Greenstead Social Club45M.S.C. A Kent
Court 147 Cambs52Ex Services Cl Corby

Last 32

Sat 7th May 9:30pm

The County A Willenhal25Dunstable Snooker Z
O'Donoghues51Court Potting Cambs
Legends KS Essex45The Eagles Norfolk
GPCA B Essex15Stumble Inn Notts
Rileys Rocks Norfolk51Red House C Leics
Rileys Potters A54The Corner Pin London
RAFA Club A Cambs45WTs Sports Bar RJ Camb
ASC Choppers Norfolk54The Crown W Mids
Spots & Stripes NS25The Court JR Cambs
Drum & Monk KS Suff54The Cue Masters Surrey
Rileys Nottingham54DSC Winkers Beds
AMC Leisure Sussex51Court Silver Cambs
Moorends Hotel JA15'147 Snooker Wiltshire
Golden Cue CJ W Mids53Cambridge A Cambs
Pheonix Z Notts54Grantham Snooker Lincs
M.S.C. A Kent15Court 147 Cambs

Last 16

Sun 8th May 9am

Dunstable Snooker Z35O'Donoghues
The Eagles Norfolk54Stumble Inn Notts
Rileys Rocks Norfolk25Rileys Potters A
WTs Sports Bar RJ Camb54ASC Choppers Norfolk
The Court JR Cambs35Drum & Monk KS Suff
Rileys Nottingham53AMC Leisure Sussex
'147 Snooker Wiltshire53Golden Cue CJ W Mids
Pheonix Z Notts52Court 147 Cambs

Quarter Final

Sun 8th May 10:30am

O'Donoghues54The Eagles Norfolk
Rileys Potters A52WTs Sports Bar RJ Camb
Drum & Monk KS Suff51Rileys Nottingham
'147 Snooker Wiltshire35Pheonix Z Notts

Semi Final

Sun 8th May 12pm

O'Donoghues53Rileys Potters A
Drum & Monk KS Suff52Pheonix Z Notts


Sun 8th May 1:30pm

O'Donoghues53Drum & Monk KS Suff

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