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Golden Cue - 2017

Golden Cue


Sat 6th May 8am

United Sports Bar N Y51Broadleys Herefordshre
The Antigallican05Kennys Sportsbar Staff
Cue & Brew Young Guns25DSCCrazygolfers Beds
Hedingham S & S Club53Hillbillies G.M.C.
First Break DA Leics05Lucky Kiss F Staffs
Merlins50Coopers A Northants
Nachos with Cheese WM53The Cricketers Hamps
Sunderland St Sp Club50The Eagles Maidstone
Wheelwright Arms A RF45Poolkatz Somerset
JPs Harlow Essex53Lennons P&S S Y
Reg Devils Merseyside50Cue & Brew Sambuca
Cue & Brew DS Worcs52Blind Bs London
RAFA Club A Cambs45Witney Snooker Club
Club Langley Surrey51Awww Mates Suffolk
The Bulls Head A Cambs15Racks on Fire Berks
Breaks 2 Staffs35Barny Arms Whisperers
Windmill Potters53Avon Mill GIMP Warks
Lucky Kiss D Staffs52M, M, & Martin Kent
147 A Huntingdon Cambs45New Vauxhall Victors
The Grapes Lancs05Coopers B Northants
Lucky Kiss H Staffs51Big Ts Cues Beds
USSR London05Institute A Staffs
Braintrees Finest53Bournemouth East C C
Greyfriars Shafters15SN Hyde Park Cambs
Diss Cue Club AH05Folkestone A Kent
Attleborough SC Robins35Woadmans Arms Cambs
Rileys Wolverhampton50Court LTR Cambs
2 & a Half men Beds51G.B.& the Ugly Two
Sovereign Snooker52Midland ADerbys
Fulbourne Longshots51The Everard Arms
Shades MH HertS45Levin Old Boys Kent
Three ways Suffolk25Eltham Terrace Club

Sat 6th May 9:30am

Globe Hotel Tyne & Wear50JPs Essex
The Three Lions Worcs25Greyfriars Underdogs
Players P&S A Staffs52Spectrum Academy Dorst
Dove from Above Bucks50Clay Pigeon Misfits
Racks Pool Club VVSV45Midland Snooker D E L
Lanterns Kent53Romney Marsh DC Kent
Wingfield Beds05The Travellers Ches
Poke & Hope London54Gardeners B Essex
Spot-On Select54The Eagles Norfolk
Greyfriars Dons Beds51Rushden A Club B
Lanterns A Kent54Windmill Charlies
Rileys SB Berkshire05Leek Elite
Diss Greyhound A51G8BS Kent
Avon Mill C Warks53The Town House Cambs
Heath House Real Aye15Dinnington Bashers S Y
Smoking Potters Staffs50Rays a Hut Beds
Manor Club A Suffolk50Attention all Pockets
The Star LL London05The Flying Scotsman
Lucky Kiss Z Staffs53Pot Black Exiles Suff
Rochdale Cowboys Lancs50The Stute Leics
Rays A Cant Beds25All Sports Bar Cyprus
The Tern B Bristol52Simons Angels Norfolk
Rays 3 Some Hertfs35Roundabout Club Beds
Cambridge S C PS Cambs25Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
Windmill Wanderers54D S C Snooker Club
Bunch O Misfits Kent45URRRRRRRR Essex
CSC Ballers Cambs25The Royal Standard A
Oxford Elite Oxon50Falconwood SES London
Cabin End Lancs50The Ole Goats Norfolk
MSC Gamblers Kent52The Three Tunns Suff
Royal Sports Bar Wilts50Lord Protector B Cambs
Cambridge 17 Cambs51SpotsC Kent

Round 1

Sat 6th May 11am

Frames Reigate A50Team Stumble Notts
Sailors Csd Suffolk25Rileys Worcester Worcs
W.E.A.F. the MRS Kent50The Conny Leics
Britannia Essex45The Keymaster W.Mids
Midland Hotel B Derbys25Trickys Trio Sussex
Court Golden Cambs35Allstars Sports Bar A
William V Bar A Norflk25Cannock Social A
Redhouse Leics05Lanterns Rejects Kent
History Makers51Outsiders Suffolk
Court Dbs Cambs54Phoenix Flyers Notts
Racks Rejects Berks25Windmill Wannabes
AMC Leisure C Sussex52Willow Inn Leics
Rileys Legends Norwich53The Bush Inn W.Mids
Boston Snooker Lincs05Court P&S Club B
Sovereign Snooker AF05Golden Hind Suffolk
MSC Bandits Kent53Wykin Warriors Leics
3s a Crowd Worcs15ASC Lions Norfolk
Club 147 OW Leics35Corner Pin London
Rileys Devils Norwich50The Maple Leaf Worcs
Rays on the Pool Beds15Rileys Nottingham
Coal & Dist Con Club A35Unnecessary side Cambs
Suffolk Punch A to Zed15Smugglers Inn Kent
Breakers B Notts05Spots & Stripes NS
Rays Fudgers Beds35Linford B Leics
Maidstone S C Qs Kent253 Tun Monkeys Suffolk
Lady Jane WJN Leics50Hartwell Club Nrthants
Hockham Eagle Norfolk25Telegraph Vaults Shrop
Boys on Tour Lincs50Coopers Troopers
Cambridge B side Cambs52Cannock Social B
Oralle P&S Oxon54Notts Magpies Notts
Lucky Kiss T Staffs51Rileys Norwich AM
3D1C Notts51Avon Mill A Warks

Sat 6th May 12:30pm

Corporation Club52Plazza Potters Staffs
Club 147 Hotshots Leic50The Unluckies Kent
The Bernards Kent15Court Cops Cambs
Fulbourn Insitute Camb45All Stars JR Somerset
Royal Standard Z Surr15AMC Leisure A Sussex
The Miners Arms Surrey25Diss Cue Club Exiles
Lucky Kiss A Staffs35Castle 2 Sussex
Maidstone Snooker B15Tudor Rose Suffolk
Chaulk is Cheap Essex35Jaxx Q ClubDerbys
1904@Dean Clough W Y52The Clarendon B Leics
Diss Cue Club ML25Red House C Leics
Wheelwright Arms B CS15Folkestone Snooker X
Romney A Kent53Rays Place Beds
Friday Night Bucks45Windmill Fistpump
Plaza Boys Staffs54Club Replay Cheshire
The Chiswick Club54Legends CR Essex
Barny Bashers Suffolk05Rushden A Club A
The Maple Men Worcs53Hillingdon Ringers
Diss Greyhound B53The Woolpack Suffolk
Legends LN Essex35Witney Snooker Oxon
RAFA Club Cambs54147 Snooker Wiltshire
3 Men & a Baby Worcs35The Liberal Club Beds
Club Young Guns Leics51Franks Hertfordshire
Late Lounge G.M.C.45Golden Cue P&S WMids
Corby Ex-Servicemans25Barny Arms Kippers
Lucky Kiss SB Cornwall25Oast Lounge X Cambs
Lucky Kiss J Staffs15Top Spot 97 Leics
Tern A Bristol25R.B.L. Stowmarket
Club 147 DW Leics51Pineapple Inn A Lancs
Avon Mill B Warks15Volunteer A Northants
Greyfriars A RT Beds35The Club Notts
Music Room CP Suffolk54Linford A Leics

Sat 6th May 2pm

The Clarendon A Leics05AMC Leisure B Sussex
Reprovates Essex54Ivy Leaf Club Beds
William V Bar B Norflk53Tree Tik Miks Beds
Sun Valley Phoenix53Drake Bishers Suffolk
Seven Wives C Mc Cambs52Bacada W.Mids
Different Strokes Beds53Unwin Social Club A
Churchills B Kent35The Oast Lounge Cambs
Moorends Hotel A S Y51Diss Cue Club Stllions
Clay Pigeon A Essex51Haigs Hotshots Ches
Greyfriars No Angels05147 Potters Leics
The Court A Cambs45Essex Young Guns Essex
Club 147 GR Leics15Rileys Snakes Norfolk
Been Tangod Cambs51The Strad S Y
The Boro Boys Lincs52Tudor Rose A Suffolk
Pick Pockets A London05Jolly Carter G.M.C.
Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff51Basford Hall Massive
Heath House A Norfolk05County A Willenhall
Draymans Arms Lincs52ASC Falcons Norfolk
Nuggets Suffolk35Hinckley Snookr Club B
Kings Head Blofield25Greyfriars 45ers Beds
Breakers A Notts25Crawley Rugby Club AM
GMT Legends Essex35D, D, & Dave Kent
Earl Grey S Y35Court & Dropped Cambs
Hammersmith Club A45Slim Jims Northants
Gardeners A Essex15The Numpties
Melton Snooker Club A05Franks A Hertfordshire
Spot on Misfits15Legends Cats Essex
Lord Protector A Cambs54Steelers Sports Bar SY
Stapleford Cue Club25Three Tuns Spuds Suff
Rathmore PM Cambs35Hazelwood House Staffs
C & D Con Club B Leics35Haverhill Ex-Services
The Black Bull B Essex53Notts Crusaders Notts

Sat 6th May 3:30pm

United Sports Bar N Y15Cambridge 17 Cambs
Kennys Sportsbar Staff35Royal Sports Bar Wilts
DSCCrazygolfers Beds45MSC Gamblers Kent
Hedingham S & S Club45Cabin End Lancs
Lucky Kiss F Staffs45Oxford Elite Oxon
Merlins53The Royal Standard A
Nachos with Cheese WM50URRRRRRRR Essex
Sunderland St Sp Club45Windmill Wanderers
Poolkatz Somerset35Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
JPs Harlow Essex15Roundabout Club Beds
Reg Devils Merseyside25The Tern B Bristol
Cue & Brew DS Worcs15All Sports Bar Cyprus
Witney Snooker Club54Rochdale Cowboys Lancs
Club Langley Surrey35Lucky Kiss Z Staffs
Racks on Fire Berks50The Flying Scotsman
Barny Arms Whisperers15Manor Club A Suffolk
Windmill Potters53Smoking Potters Staffs
Lucky Kiss D Staffs25Dinnington Bashers S Y
New Vauxhall Victors15Avon Mill C Warks
Coopers B Northants50Diss Greyhound A
Lucky Kiss H Staffs35Leek Elite
Institute A Staffs53Lanterns A Kent
Braintrees Finest50Greyfriars Dons Beds
SN Hyde Park Cambs25Spot-On Select
Folkestone A Kent25Poke & Hope London
Woadmans Arms Cambs53The Travellers Ches
Rileys Wolverhampton45Lanterns Kent
2 & a Half men Beds25Midland Snooker D E L
Sovereign Snooker51Dove from Above Bucks
Fulbourne Longshots15Players P&S A Staffs
Levin Old Boys Kent35Greyfriars Underdogs
Eltham Terrace Club25Globe Hotel Tyne & Wear

Round 2

Sat 6th May 5pm

Frames Reigate A52Corporation Club
Rileys Worcester Worcs53Club 147 Hotshots Leic
W.E.A.F. the MRS Kent45Court Cops Cambs
The Keymaster W.Mids54All Stars JR Somerset
Trickys Trio Sussex45AMC Leisure A Sussex
Allstars Sports Bar A52Diss Cue Club Exiles
Cannock Social A15Castle 2 Sussex
Lanterns Rejects Kent52Tudor Rose Suffolk
History Makers35Jaxx Q ClubDerbys
Court Dbs Cambs541904@Dean Clough W Y
Windmill Wannabes05Red House C Leics
AMC Leisure C Sussex45Folkestone Snooker X
Rileys Legends Norwich05Romney A Kent
Court P&S Club B50Windmill Fistpump
Golden Hind Suffolk54Plaza Boys Staffs
MSC Bandits Kent45The Chiswick Club
ASC Lions Norfolk53Rushden A Club A
Corner Pin London45The Maple Men Worcs
Rileys Devils Norwich52Diss Greyhound B
Rileys Nottingham25Witney Snooker Oxon
Unnecessary side Cambs53RAFA Club Cambs
Smugglers Inn Kent50The Liberal Club Beds
Spots & Stripes NS50Club Young Guns Leics
Linford B Leics45Golden Cue P&S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk54Barny Arms Kippers
Lady Jane WJN Leics25Oast Lounge X Cambs
Telegraph Vaults Shrop35Top Spot 97 Leics
Boys on Tour Lincs25R.B.L. Stowmarket
Cambridge B side Cambs51Club 147 DW Leics
Oralle P&S Oxon25Volunteer A Northants
Lucky Kiss T Staffs53The Club Notts
3D1C Notts52Music Room CP Suffolk

Sat 6th May 6:30pm

AMC Leisure B Sussex15Cambridge 17 Cambs
Reprovates Essex15Royal Sports Bar Wilts
William V Bar B Norflk52MSC Gamblers Kent
Sun Valley Phoenix35Cabin End Lancs
Seven Wives C Mc Cambs52Oxford Elite Oxon
Different Strokes Beds45Merlins
The Oast Lounge Cambs45Nachos with Cheese WM
Moorends Hotel A S Y45Windmill Wanderers
Clay Pigeon A Essex05Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
147 Potters Leics25Roundabout Club Beds
Essex Young Guns Essex53The Tern B Bristol
Rileys Snakes Norfolk51All Sports Bar Cyprus
Been Tangod Cambs51Witney Snooker Club
The Boro Boys Lincs50Lucky Kiss Z Staffs
Jolly Carter G.M.C.25Racks on Fire Berks
Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff54Manor Club A Suffolk
County A Willenhall45Windmill Potters
Draymans Arms Lincs45Dinnington Bashers S Y
Hinckley Snookr Club B45Avon Mill C Warks
Greyfriars 45ers Beds15Coopers B Northants
Crawley Rugby Club AM45Leek Elite
D, D, & Dave Kent15Institute A Staffs
Court & Dropped Cambs35Braintrees Finest
Slim Jims Northants45Spot-On Select
The Numpties54Poke & Hope London
Franks A Hertfordshire45Woadmans Arms Cambs
Legends Cats Essex15Lanterns Kent
Lord Protector A Cambs15Midland Snooker D E L
Three Tuns Spuds Suff15Sovereign Snooker
Hazelwood House Staffs05Players P&S A Staffs
Haverhill Ex-Services25Greyfriars Underdogs
The Black Bull B Essex54Globe Hotel Tyne & Wear

Round 3

Sat 6th May 8pm

Frames Reigate A35Rileys Worcester Worcs
Court Cops Cambs05The Keymaster W.Mids
AMC Leisure A Sussex50Allstars Sports Bar A
Castle 2 Sussex45Lanterns Rejects Kent
Jaxx Q ClubDerbys51Court Dbs Cambs
Red House C Leics45Folkestone Snooker X
Romney A Kent35Court P&S Club B
Golden Hind Suffolk05The Chiswick Club
ASC Lions Norfolk15The Maple Men Worcs
Rileys Devils Norwich15Witney Snooker Oxon
Unnecessary side Cambs53Smugglers Inn Kent
Spots & Stripes NS45Golden Cue P&S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk54Oast Lounge X Cambs
Top Spot 97 Leics45R.B.L. Stowmarket
Cambridge B side Cambs53Volunteer A Northants
Lucky Kiss T Staffs253D1C Notts
Cambridge 17 Cambs50Royal Sports Bar Wilts
William V Bar B Norflk54Cabin End Lancs
Seven Wives C Mc Cambs25Merlins
Nachos with Cheese WM54Windmill Wanderers
Queen Charlotte 1-1-151Roundabout Club Beds
Essex Young Guns Essex52Rileys Snakes Norfolk
Been Tangod Cambs52The Boro Boys Lincs
Racks on Fire Berks52Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff
Windmill Potters15Dinnington Bashers S Y
Avon Mill C Warks15Coopers B Northants
Leek Elite25Institute A Staffs
Braintrees Finest50Spot-On Select
The Numpties54Woadmans Arms Cambs
Lanterns Kent35Midland Snooker D E L
Sovereign Snooker15Players P&S A Staffs
Greyfriars Underdogs51The Black Bull B Essex

Last 32

Sat 6th May 9:30pm

Rileys Worcester Worcs25The Keymaster W.Mids
AMC Leisure A Sussex15Lanterns Rejects Kent
Jaxx Q ClubDerbys53Folkestone Snooker X
Court P&S Club B53The Chiswick Club
The Maple Men Worcs25Witney Snooker Oxon
Unnecessary side Cambs25Golden Cue P&S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk54R.B.L. Stowmarket
Cambridge B side Cambs533D1C Notts
Cambridge 17 Cambs52William V Bar B Norflk
Merlins52Nachos with Cheese WM
Queen Charlotte 1-1-152Essex Young Guns Essex
Been Tangod Cambs54Racks on Fire Berks
Dinnington Bashers S Y54Coopers B Northants
Institute A Staffs25Braintrees Finest
The Numpties35Midland Snooker D E L
Players P&S A Staffs52Greyfriars Underdogs

Last 16

Sun 7th May 9am

The Keymaster W.Mids15Lanterns Rejects Kent
Jaxx Q ClubDerbys25Court P&S Club B
Witney Snooker Oxon25Golden Cue P&S WMids
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk45Cambridge B side Cambs
Cambridge 17 Cambs45Merlins
Queen Charlotte 1-1-154Been Tangod Cambs
Dinnington Bashers S Y50Braintrees Finest
Midland Snooker D E L54Players P&S A Staffs

Quarter Final

Sun 7th May 10:30am

Lanterns Rejects Kent51Court P&S Club B
Golden Cue P&S WMids35Cambridge B side Cambs
Merlins15Queen Charlotte 1-1-1
Dinnington Bashers S Y54Midland Snooker D E L

Semi Final

Sun 7th May 12pm

Lanterns Rejects Kent05Cambridge B side Cambs
Queen Charlotte 1-1-154Dinnington Bashers S Y


Sun 7th May 1:30pm

Cambridge B side Cambs51Queen Charlotte 1-1-1

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