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Golden Cue - 2019

Silver Cue
Round 1
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 18th May 12pm
Conny Whirlwinds Leic52Poolkatz Somerset
MSC Baby Sharks Kent05Romney AA Kent
DSC Cavemen BedsSSNeptune G Kent
Crown Prosecutors Wark50Balls it Up Somerset
Absolute Sovereign50DT FC Northants
Old Sun A Cambs50Cippenham RBL Berks
Beast Dorset45Attleborough ARP
Racks Rejects Berks50Hamps Old Boys Hamps
Forum B Surrey52Bears Pool Geeks
Robin Hood Notts54The Ashbourne London
WWFC Shrops50Crompos Staffs
The Workies Kent50DSC Wanabees Beds
Cams Seniors Suffolk50Phoenix Flyers Notts
The Royal Standard A15The Magic Kent
ASC Lions Norfolk05Bar 8 Exiles Warwks
Bears JE Suffolk50Fudgey Dippers Norfolk
Sat 18th May 1:30pm
Outsiders Suffolk35Never Saw That Coming
Lanterns MY Kent05Fag Break Kent
MSC Tiger Sharks Kent05Bears U Suffolk
Plan B Angels Herts25Court A Cambs
Heath House Warriors50Heath House A Norfolk
Spot on Mavricks356 Balls & a Rack Kent
Spot on Rehab35Cambridge Underdogs
Rack em Up Suffolk05Rays Touching Cloth
The Grapes A Lancs54The Cricketers A Hamps
Triple Os Wiltshire05Norbridge Suffolk
Ex-Services Club Cambs05Golden Cue P & S WM
Prince Of Wales A51Rochdale Cowboys Lancs
Hazelwood 8 Ball Staff05The Eagles Norfolk
Table 7 NottsSSAllstars Mincers
Portland Old Boys05Warner Arms Lancs
HESMC Suffolk05Ole Frank Suffolk
Sat 18th May 3pm
The Linford C Leic05The 4 Amigos Leic
Good, Bad, Ugly Leic25Tudor Warriors Suffolk
USSR London25The Linford B Leic
Lamb B Bristol15Romney A Kent
Moanie Moaners NorfolkSSGB 8S Kent
MSC A Kent53Rays Shotz Herts
HeathHouse KS Norfolk05Cue & Brew A Worcs
Cabin End Lancs51Cue&Brew Ball Busters
Lanterns JP Kent35Bristol All Stars
Levin Old Boys Kent54The Old Sun Boys Cambs
Catchpole Amigos15Greyhound B Norfolk
Court XYZ Cambs05Shoulder of Mutton
The Everard Arms35Two Blokes & John
Fulbourne Longshots53Windmill Club Northant
RBLMacca Trackers50Three Ways Suffolk
Team Thurmaston Leic50Braintree Legends
Sat 18th May 4:30pm
The Tuns a Trio54Melton Snooker Club A
EPA Shop Showing Suppt05Mean Machine Norfolk
Gagging Maggots53Fallen Angels Cambs
Bulldogs Bandits Notts53AVC Kent
Kennys Sportsbar Staff54Racks Cottage Berks
Irish Club Northants25Conny Club Aces Leic
147 Sports Bar W Y51Castle Z Sussex
Two Blokes & A Limp52Tickle the Tip Herefrd
Winkers Qs Sussex52Jaxsons Three
Brockham Gators Surrey53Royal Standard Z
Tudor Rose Suffolk50Unwin Social Club A
Last 64
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 18th May 6pm
Conny Whirlwinds Leic05Romney AA Kent
Bye05Crown Prosecutors Wark
Absolute Sovereign52Old Sun A Cambs
Attleborough ARP54Racks Rejects Berks
Forum B Surrey52Robin Hood Notts
WWFC Shrops35The Workies Kent
Cams Seniors Suffolk25The Magic Kent
Bar 8 Exiles Warwks53Bears JE Suffolk
Never Saw That Coming54Fag Break Kent
Bears U Suffolk15Court A Cambs
Heath House Warriors456 Balls & a Rack Kent
Cambridge Underdogs54Rays Touching Cloth
The Grapes A Lancs53Norbridge Suffolk
Golden Cue P & S WM51Prince Of Wales A
The Eagles Norfolk50Bye
Warner Arms Lancs45Ole Frank Suffolk
Sat 18th May 7:30pm
The 4 Amigos Leic53Tudor Warriors Suffolk
The Linford B Leic25Romney A Kent
Bye05MSC A Kent
Cue & Brew A Worcs54Cabin End Lancs
Bristol All Stars50Levin Old Boys Kent
Greyhound B Norfolk35Shoulder of Mutton
Two Blokes & John52Fulbourne Longshots
RBLMacca Trackers15Team Thurmaston Leic
The Tuns a Trio25Mean Machine Norfolk
Gagging Maggots50Legends Zeds Essex
Bulldogs Bandits Notts25Kings Arms Bolton
Punch Warriors Suffolk15Kennys Sportsbar Staff
Conny Club Aces Leic50The Conny Leic
Nesss Groupies05147 Sports Bar W Y
Two Blokes & A Limp25Winkers Qs Sussex
Brockham Gators Surrey50Tudor Rose Suffolk
Last 32
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Romney AA Kent53Crown Prosecutors Wark
Absolute Sovereign15Attleborough ARP
Forum B Surrey54The Workies Kent
The Magic Kent25Bar 8 Exiles Warwks
Never Saw That Coming25Court A Cambs
6 Balls & a Rack Kent35Cambridge Underdogs
The Grapes A Lancs25Golden Cue P & S WM
The Eagles Norfolk25Ole Frank Suffolk
The 4 Amigos Leic45Romney A Kent
MSC A Kent52Cue & Brew A Worcs
Bristol All Stars35Shoulder of Mutton
Two Blokes & John35Team Thurmaston Leic
Mean Machine Norfolk53Gagging Maggots
Kings Arms Bolton25Kennys Sportsbar Staff
Conny Club Aces Leic15147 Sports Bar W Y
Winkers Qs Sussex52Brockham Gators Surrey
Last 16
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sun 19th May 9am
Romney AA Kent52Attleborough ARP
Forum B Surrey53Bar 8 Exiles Warwks
Court A Cambs53Cambridge Underdogs
Golden Cue P & S WM52Ole Frank Suffolk
Romney A Kent45MSC A Kent
Shoulder of Mutton53Team Thurmaston Leic
Mean Machine Norfolk53Kennys Sportsbar Staff
147 Sports Bar W Y45Winkers Qs Sussex
Quarter Final
Round 1 /Last 64 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sun 19th May 10:30am
Romney AA Kent53Forum B Surrey
Court A Cambs54Golden Cue P & S WM
MSC A Kent53Shoulder of Mutton
Mean Machine Norfolk51Winkers Qs Sussex
Semi Final
Sun 19th May 12pm
Romney AA Kent54Court A Cambs
MSC A Kent54Mean Machine Norfolk
Sun 19th May 1:30pm
Romney AA Kent51MSC A Kent
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