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Champion of Champions - 2019

Men's CofC
Last 64 (9)
Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Quarter Final/Top
Fri 15th November 6pm
 Darrell Whitworth52Andy Barker
 Dylan Leary50Rich Lowther
 Danny Carpenter35Scott Hunnybun
 Paul McNicol25Richard Conn
 Mike Quinn15Ben Clark
 David Norris25Steve Mullins
 Marc BrazierSSIan Harle
 Shane Moore53Pete Dinsdale
 Stuart Sulliavan54Cameron Dunlop
 Christopher Hobbis50Jamie Simmons
 Lee Smith51Rob Burgess
 Danny Smith54Giuseppe D'imperio
 Connor Jones45Colin Crossan
 Stephen Davies05Stephen Potter
 Tony Jackson54Alex Lewis
 Dean Torode35Brent Holbrook
 Dan Eaton-Lees52Tim Williamson
 Richard King45Bruno Silva
 Danny Carpenter05Ryan Yarranton
 Tom Kennedy45Liam White
 Ben Middleton35Harrison Wagstaff
 Karl Sutton35Steve Kane
 Mark Price53Dee Coogan
 Ben Young35Michael O'Boyle
 Phil Brown35Matt Peel
 Sam Boome50Men's TBA 1
 Dom Cooney50Men's TBA 2
 Glen Hannibal50Men's TBA 3
 Nick Blench50Men's TBA 4
 Scott Carpenter50Men's TBA 5
 Darren Welfare50Men's TBA 6
 William Kyle50Men's TBA 7
Last 32 (9)
Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Quarter Final/Top
 Darrell Whitworth45Dylan Leary
 Scott Hunnybun25Richard Conn
 Ben Clark54Steve Mullins
 Bye05Shane Moore
 Stuart Sulliavan54Christopher Hobbis
 Lee Smith54Danny Smith
 Colin Crossan54Stephen Potter
 Tony Jackson52Brent Holbrook
 Dan Eaton-Lees53Bruno Silva
 Ryan Yarranton35Liam White
 Harrison Wagstaff25Steve Kane
 Mark Price45Michael O'Boyle
 Matt Peel51Sam Boome
 Dom Cooney54Glen Hannibal
 Nick Blench05Scott Carpenter
 Darren Welfare50William Kyle
Last 16 (9)
Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Quarter Final/Top
 Dylan Leary50Richard Conn
 Ben Clark54Shane Moore
 Stuart Sulliavan53Lee Smith
 Colin Crossan52Tony Jackson
 Dan Eaton-Lees54Liam White
 Steve Kane35Michael O'Boyle
 Matt Peel35Dom Cooney
 Scott Carpenter50Darren Welfare
Quarter Final (9)
Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Quarter Final/Top
 Dylan Leary52Ben Clark
 Stuart Sulliavan15Colin Crossan
 Dan Eaton-Lees53Michael O'Boyle
 Dom Cooney35Scott Carpenter
Semi Final (11)
Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Quarter Final/Top
 Dylan Leary36Colin Crossan
 Dan Eaton-Lees62Scott Carpenter
Final (13)
Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Quarter Final/Top
 Colin Crossan17Dan Eaton-Lees
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