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Interleague KO - 2019

Interleague KO Cup 2019
The format for the group stage will be as follows:
KO Stage Prelim/KO Stage Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Top
R1 M1: Team A v Team B
R1 M2: Team C v Team D
R2 M1: Loser R1 M1 v Loser R1 M2
R2 M2: Winner R1 M1 v Winner R1 M2 (winner wins group)
R3 M1: Loser R2 M2 v Winner R2 M1 (winner is group runner-up)
All matches are best of 18 frames.
A 9-9 score in the group stage will result in a 1 frame playoff.
Each team captain will be given the start time and table for their first match
when they register their team on Friday, between 8pm and 10:30pm.
The format for the knockout stage will be as follows:
A random draw will be made.
In the first round of the KO, group winners will play group runner-ups.
All matches are best of 18 frames.
A 9-9 score in the KO stage will result in a 3 frame playoff.
Group 1
Sat 5th October 9am
P1Battersea A101Crewe
P2Croydon A105Haverhill
R2Battersea A510Croydon A
S1Battersea A103Haverhill
Group 2
P3Court In The Middle104Brighton A
P4Coventry 1101Vantage Wednesdays
R3Brighton A101Vantage Wednesdays
R4Court In The Middle910Coventry 1
S2Court In The Middle910Brighton A
Group 3
P5Thurmaston 147 A710Cannock Chase
P6Canterbury A109Ipswich Sharks
R5Thurmaston 147 A106Ipswich Sharks
R6Cannock Chase106Canterbury A
S3Canterbury A107Thurmaston 147 A
Group 4
P7Pheasant Pluckers100Court At The Bar
P8Swinton Wmc910Mermaid A
R7Court At The Bar010Swinton Wmc
R8Pheasant Pluckers410Mermaid A
S4Pheasant Pluckers103Swinton Wmc
Group 5
P9Braintree610Bicester A
P10Romney Invicta101Leicester & District A
R9Braintree810Leicester & District A
R10Bicester A610Romney Invicta
S5Bicester A102Leicester & District A
Group 6
P11Sawley510Gravesham C
P12Dsc Blaggers610Stone League
R11Sawley109Dsc Blaggers
R12Gravesham C310Stone League
S6Gravesham C103Sawley
Group 7
P13London City103Jan Leeming
P14Long Eaton710Weston Allstars
R13Jan Leeming108Long Eaton
R14London City710Weston Allstars
S7London City103Jan Leeming
Group 8
P15Bar 8610Frames Reigate
P16Leicester Lions210Bishops Stortford Aces
R15Bar 8107Leicester Lions
R16Frames Reigate109Bishops Stortford Aces
S8Bishops Stortford Aces108Bar 8
Group 9
P17Yorkshire Terriers310Biggleswade
P18Mid Sussex Q's510Sportman Dishers
R17Yorkshire Terriers610Mid Sussex Q's
R18Biggleswade106Sportman Dishers
S9Sportman Dishers810Mid Sussex Q's
Group 10
P19Braintree Legends910Cue & Brew Kidderminster
P20Blackwater Rejects110Craven Arms
R19Braintree Legends106Blackwater Rejects
R20Cue & Brew Kidderminster109Craven Arms
S10Craven Arms810Braintree Legends
Group 11
P21Token Pool310Bedford A
P22Lennon's B310S.L.K.P.A.
R21Token Pool103Lennon's B
R22Bedford A710S.L.K.P.A.
S11Bedford A102Token Pool
Group 12
P23Macclesfield A108Hove A(ctually)
P24Corn Exchange109Bury
R23Hove A(ctually)110Bury
R24Macclesfield A710Corn Exchange
S12Macclesfield A810Bury
Group 13
P25Maidenhead A100Daleys Dependables
P26Mercury Machines710Leek A
R25Daleys Dependables610Mercury Machines
R26Maidenhead A109Leek A
S13Leek A105Mercury Machines
Group 14
P27Aa Stortford610Waterlooville Sports Bar
P28Harehills Liberals310Pot8s A
R27Aa Stortford310Harehills Liberals
R28Waterlooville Sports Bar410Pot8s A
S14Waterlooville Sports Bar710Harehills Liberals
Group 15
P29Hinckley & District103Nuneaton Borough
P30Bognor108Cambridge Snooker Centre
R29Nuneaton Borough710Cambridge Snooker Centre
R30Hinckley & District108Bognor
S15Bognor106Cambridge Snooker Centre
Group 16
P32Chelmsford B102S.L.K.P.A. 3
R31Ely108S.L.K.P.A. 3
R32Witney103Chelmsford B
S16Chelmsford B107Ely
Group 17
P33Waterloo103Clacton Snooker Centre
P34Nottingham A101Cricketers Arms
R33Clacton Snooker Centre910Cricketers Arms
R34Waterloo105Nottingham A
S17Nottingham A103Cricketers Arms
Group 18
P35Lennon's104S.L.K.P.A. 2
P36Clacton Town107Telford A
R35S.L.K.P.A. 2310Telford A
R36Lennon's103Clacton Town
S18Clacton Town710Telford A
Group 19
P37Colchester104Mecca Ncple A
P38Maidstone A106Fleetwood
R37Mecca Ncple A104Fleetwood
R38Colchester910Maidstone A
S19Colchester105Mecca Ncple A
Group 20
P39Kettering Town108Chelmsford A
P40Ipswich A101Battersea B
R39Chelmsford A107Battersea B
R40Kettering Town710Ipswich A
S20Kettering Town410Chelmsford A
Group 21
P41Blackwater Compton105Phoenix Bulldogs
P42Central Cornwall Elite105Clacton A
R41Phoenix Bulldogs107Clacton A
R42Blackwater Compton810Central Cornwall Elite
S21Blackwater Compton107Phoenix Bulldogs
Group 22
P43Lowestoft Town510Romney Marsh B
P44Penwith Red Lions410Club 147 A Leicester
R43Lowestoft Town710Penwith Red Lions
R44Romney Marsh B210Club 147 A Leicester
S22Romney Marsh B410Penwith Red Lions
Group 23
P45Brittains Pride510Harlow Town
P46Croydon B810Lord Nelson
R45Brittains Pride510Croydon B
R46Harlow Town107Lord Nelson
S23Lord Nelson910Croydon B
Group 24
P47Nen Swampies710Stapleford
P48Emley Moor Wmc104Horsham B
R47Nen Swampies910Horsham B
R48Stapleford610Emley Moor Wmc
S24Stapleford910Horsham B
Group 25
P49Frank Smith109Manningtree
P50New Milton108Chalks A Load Of Ballocks
R49Manningtree110Chalks A Load Of Ballocks
R50Frank Smith510New Milton
S25Frank Smith103Chalks A Load Of Ballocks
Group 26
P51Franks A Lot101Rrdpl Brooklyns
P52Keighley910Sportsman All Stars
R51Rrdpl Brooklyns610Keighley
R52Franks A Lot106Sportsman All Stars
S26Sportsman All Stars910Keighley
Group 27
P53Mickey Flynns102St Austell & District
P54Rochester106Wessex A
R53St Austell & District910Wessex A
R54Mickey Flynns106Rochester
S27Rochester104Wessex A
Group 28
P55Darwen Spitfire310Mr Pools
P56Battersea C910Notts And District
R55Darwen Spitfire010Battersea C
R56Mr Pools107Notts And District
S28Notts And District101Battersea C
Group 29
P57Notts Nomads106Waterloo 2
P58Norwich A104Redditch Premier
R57Waterloo 2710Redditch Premier
R58Notts Nomads310Norwich A
S29Notts Nomads105Redditch Premier
Group 30
P59Brighton X103Thurmaston 147 B
P60Accrington Pals710Peterborough Court
R59Thurmaston 147 B410Accrington Pals
R60Brighton X109Peterborough Court
S30Peterborough Court106Accrington Pals
Group 31
P61Redruth Rattlers106Saint Albans Elite
P62Gravesham B710Stoke Lp
R61Saint Albans Elite107Gravesham B
R62Redruth Rattlers510Stoke Lp
S31Redruth Rattlers510Saint Albans Elite
Group 32
P63St Neots B102Central Cornwall B
P64Leek B105Waterloo 3
R63Central Cornwall B104Waterloo 3
R64St Neots B105Leek B
S32Leek B710Central Cornwall B
Group 33
P65Sun Valley101Horsham A
P66Stowmarket A104Abh Pool
R65Horsham A109Abh Pool
R66Sun Valley107Stowmarket A
S33Stowmarket A810Horsham A
Group 34
P67Whitecliffs Dover A710Yarmouth
P68Huntingdon810Ncple B
R67Whitecliffs Dover A610Huntingdon
R68Yarmouth310Ncple B
KO Stage Prelim (18)
KO Stage Prelim/KO Stage Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Top
T1Ncple B410Saint Albans Elite
T2Sun Valley102Central Cornwall B
T3St Neots B103Horsham A
T4Stoke Lp104Yarmouth
KO Stage Last 64 (18)
KO Stage Prelim/KO Stage Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Top
 Corn Exchange106Canterbury A
 Hinckley & District410Pheasant Pluckers
 Cue & Brew Kidderminster104Bishops Stortford Aces
 Maidenhead A103Battersea A
 Pot8s A106Bicester A
 S.L.K.P.A.710London City
 Biggleswade610Gravesham C
 Witney210Brighton A
 Cannock Chase104Harehills Liberals
 Croydon A108Chelmsford B
 Frames Reigate104Bedford A
 Stone League710Leek A
 Romney Invicta103Braintree Legends
 Coventry 11110Mid Sussex Q's
 Mermaid A105Bury
 Weston Allstars105Bognor
 New Milton810Chelmsford A
 Franks A Lot310Nottingham A
 Norwich A119Penwith Red Lions
 Sun Valley106Croydon B
 Mickey Flynns106Colchester
 Brighton X103Horsham B
 Mr Pools610Telford A
 Saint Albans Elite210Blackwater Compton
 Ipswich A105Notts Nomads
 Emley Moor Wmc810St Neots B
 Harlow Town710Rochester
 Club 147 A Leicester101Notts And District
 Maidstone A911Stoke Lp
 Central Cornwall Elite107Frank Smith
 Lennon's106Peterborough Court
Last 32 (18)
KO Stage Prelim/KO Stage Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Top
 Corn Exchange104Pheasant Pluckers
 Cue & Brew Kidderminster810Maidenhead A
 Pot8s A1110London City
 Gravesham C610Brighton A
 Cannock Chase108Croydon A
 Frames Reigate119Leek A
 Romney Invicta106Coventry 1
 Mermaid A103Weston Allstars
 Chelmsford A710Nottingham A
 Norwich A108Sun Valley
 Mickey Flynns410Brighton X
 Telford A410Blackwater Compton
 Ipswich A103St Neots B
 Rochester310Club 147 A Leicester
 Stoke Lp310Keighley
 Central Cornwall Elite105Lennon's
Last 16 (18)
KO Stage Prelim/KO Stage Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Top
 Corn Exchange210Maidenhead A
 Pot8s A1110Brighton A
 Cannock Chase710Frames Reigate
 Romney Invicta1011Mermaid A
 Nottingham A510Norwich A
 Brighton X107Blackwater Compton
 Ipswich A610Club 147 A Leicester
 Keighley410Central Cornwall Elite
Quarter Final (18)
KO Stage Prelim/KO Stage Last 64/Last 32/Last 16/Top
 Maidenhead A103Pot8s A
 Frames Reigate010Mermaid A
 Norwich A810Brighton X
 Club 147 A Leicester103Central Cornwall Elite
Semi Final (18)
 Maidenhead A119Mermaid A
 Brighton X1110Club 147 A Leicester
 Maidenhead A108Brighton X
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