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Interleague Format

The Interleague season runs from January through to December each year and is split into two parts – a league and a knockout cup.

Each county plays their Interleague as they see fit but broadly in line with part 9 of the EPA handbook, usually based on a 9-man team structure.

Then, the strongest teams from each county are entered into the national finals if they wish to attend and if their parent county approves their application. At the national events, the format is strictly 18 frames per match in two sets of 9 as described in the documentation.

The main events begin with group stages where 1 or 2 teams from each group go through into the knockout stages of the event. In the group stages, match draws can and do happen, and then frame difference and head-to-head performance is used to decide who the overall qualifiers of the groups are.

Once we get into the knockout stages of the events, there can no longer be any drawn results, so in the event of a 9-9 draw after 18 frames, a 3-man playoff is made where the 3 players from each team are the Captain’s choice and all 3 frames start at the same time. There can be only one team winner.

At most events, stages are commonly played as far as the last 16 on the Saturday evening with these matches then being played on the Sunday morning down to the Final, usually just after lunch, followed by the presentation ceremony and trophy awards to the winners and runners up.

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