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Region 3 Adult Inter County 2018


Current Notices

League tables

Positions are determined by points first and then on matches won.
If still equal then frames are taken into account.

Leading Players

Positions are determined by points first
and then % of points to frames played.

Match guidelines

A minimum of 8 players will constitute a team.
Up to 6 reserves can take part.
Players must keep the same player number through the match unless they are substituted by a reserve.
Once a player has been replaced by a reserve, that player cannot take part in the match again.
If a team is short of players(s) the following applies:

Home team 1 player short: Home player 7 is left blank
Home team 2 players short: Home players 7 and 1 are left blank
Home team 3 players short: Home players 7, 1 and 2 are left blank

Away team 1 player short: Away player 10 is left blank
Away team 2 players short: Away players 10 and 5 are left blank
Away team 3 players short: Away players 10, 5 and 8 are left blank

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