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Golden Cue - 2018

Golden Cue
Tournament Regulations

1 Entry fee of £20 for 4 players (three players to be named in each match plus 1 reserve may be played in second or third session. Once a player is replaced they may take no further part in the match). These players must retain amateur status for the entire duration of the competition.
2 No professionals allowed from any cue sport.
3No players allowed who play above league level for any other association.
4Players may only enter the competition once. Any team playing an individual who has previously played with another team will forfeit the right to further participation.
5Only one International amateur player per team of four. (No restrictions on County players).
6All entered teams will receive notification in writing of venue locations for all rounds.
7Each team must clearly state its county so that the travelling required can be minimised. Early rounds are regionalised.
8Players may only play for a venue within the boundaries of the county of which they are permanent residents.
9Teams may enter from any venue, but all rounds prior to the finals will be played in designated outlets.
10All competition matches must be played to World 8 Ball Pool Rules. All disputes of whatever nature shall be referred to the Organiser, EPA, in writing within 5 days of the match. The organiser's decision will be final and absolute.
11The winning team must return the completed result sheet within 5 days of the fixture.
12The organiser, EPA, will not be responsible for any team not turning up for the fixture or non-receipt of result sheets or any correspondence lost or delayed in the post.
13The competition will be on a knockout basis. In each match the three nominated players of one 3-man team shall play the three nominated players of the opposing team, making 9 frames in total. Matches conclude at a result, i.e. when one team wins 5 frames.
14Teams must have a minimum of two players at the start of the match and will forfeit the other player's frames if that player is not at the venue 30 minutes after the agreed start time.
15Referees are to be appointed for all matches by mutual agreement between the two teams and table costs are to be shared.
16The organiser, EPA, reserves the right to amend the competition according to prevailing circumstances.
17All players must be 16 yrs or over on 17th January in the year of the event. Proof of age may be required.
18Cash posted at players own risk. The organiser, EPA, will not be liable for loss or non delivery.
19The EPA operates a random drug testing policy.
20All participants will be deemed to have read and agreed to abide by these rules and conditions. Organised by English Pool Association. All cheques payable to EPA and to be forwarded to the Tournament Organiser.


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