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Alfie Powley

Alfie Powley

  Region 1 - Northumberland

  International History…

  • England Master's Team 2021 - Date

  Achievements…

  • Winning an open competition by beating Lee Kendall in the final
  • Semi-finalist in the Senior World Singles
  • Runner up in 5 Senior Tour finals
  • Achieved professional status - highest ranking - 21 on UK Tour

  Disappointments…

  • Losing 7-6 in the Semi-Final of the Senior World Singles

  To remain competitive at Pool and earn the respect of others.

  Gareth Potts. Yes, he is a great player and, more importantly, he is grounded.

  Boxing and keeping fit, ballroom dancing, a total fan of Strictly. If you want to join me for a dance, give me a call.

  Fish and Chips but when hungry will eat anything.

  Babycham but more recently graduated to Cinzano Bianco. Anytime you want to join me, give me a call.

  Northern Soul but, after a few, anything goes.

  Learning to spell but, on a more serious note I like reading and coaching, including helping others with job applications and the interview process. If you need any help, give me a call.

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