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Seniors Tour - 2017

  - Tour Draw/Results -  

Northern Tour 1
Round 1 (9)
Sat 15th April 10:30am
TBA 105Thomas Brazil
Duncan HootonW0TBA 2
Alan Hayden45Terry Hunt
Stuart McGill15Tony Kay
Last 32 (9)
Mark Bean51Mark Ogden
Joe Brown0WRobert Sim
Paul Wringe54Keith Brewer
Gary Willis52Les Oulton
Dave Kerrigan25Harris Ali
Dale Greenwood05Nick Burton
Nathan Beevers51Keith Range
Mark Knowles05Dave Shand
Russ Tabern53Ian Turner
Robert Benson15Mark Berriman
Paul Massingham25Tony Shaw
Paul Henry45Gary Linnell
Des Cobey25Paul Stabler
Yuk San Lee51Adrian Dugdale
Thomas Brazil52Duncan Hooton
Terry Hunt54Tony Kay
Last 16 (9)
Mark Bean54Robert Sim
Paul Wringe45Gary Willis
Harris Ali45Nick Burton
Nathan Beevers51Dave Shand
Russ Tabern53Mark Berriman
Tony Shaw50Gary Linnell
Paul Stabler25Yuk San Lee
Thomas Brazil45Terry Hunt
Quarter Final (9)
Mark Bean45Gary Willis
Nick Burton35Nathan Beevers
Russ Tabern05Tony Shaw
Yuk San Lee54Terry Hunt
Semi Final (9)
Gary Willis35Nathan Beevers
Tony Shaw54Yuk San Lee
Final (11)
Nathan Beevers65Tony Shaw
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  - Plate Draw/Results -  

Northern Plate 1
Round 1 (7)
Sat 15th April 1:30pm
Alan Hayden42Stuart McGill
Mark OgdenW0Joe Brown
Keith Brewer41Les Oulton
Last 16 (7)
Dave Kerrigan04Dale Greenwood
Keith Range40Mark Knowles
Ian Turner24Robert Benson
Paul Massingham04Paul Henry
TBA 10WDes Cobey
Alan Hayden42Adrian Dugdale
Mark Ogden24Duncan Hooton
Keith Brewer40Tony Kay
Quarter Final (7)
Dale Greenwood43Keith Range
Robert Benson34Paul Henry
Des Cobey34Alan Hayden
Duncan Hooton04Keith Brewer
Semi Final (7)
Dale Greenwood42Paul Henry
Alan Hayden04Keith Brewer
Final (9)
Dale Greenwood35Keith Brewer
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