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Golden Cue - 2015

Golden Cue


Sat 9th May 8am

Supa Snooker Durham35The Queen Charlotte A
The Crown W.Mids05Court Red Handed Cambs
The Maple Leaf Worcs15Locomotive Bashers
Windmill Norwich52Barny Arms A Suffolk
Dog Inn A Lancs54White Rose P&S WY
The Herald Bucks52The Willow B Leics
Players Sports S.Yorks15Racks Masters Berks
Chelmsford Pool A51Harvest Oars Beds
Players P&S LK51Drum & Monk Nutters
Leyland Canons Lancs51Breakers A Notts
Wykin Warriors Leics45Volunteer OHFCG
Merlin Aces B45Bournemouth E. Con Cl
Diss Greyhound B15Phoenix Reds Notts
Abingdon Con Club Oxon53United Rail Club Warks
Bailey Boo's S. Yorks53Sportsman A Lincs
Drum & Monk Dodds15Midland Snooker A WM
Shades A Herts54Mickey Flynns Cambs
Alma Kent51Drum & Monkey CBs
The Cross Keys Kent15Silktown SC Cheshire
Merlin Aces A52Avon Mill Zeds Warwick
Coalville & Dist Con B25Heath House A Norfolk
Cannock Social A53Rose & Crown B Shrops
Legends Dk's Essex50MSC Sharks Kent
Fox Fizzers Lancs05Les Dodd Snooker C
Tradewell Snooker EY52United Sports Bar NY
Rushden Athl Cl B45Gwyness Club Linc
Brickmakers Norfolk45The Cue Masters Surrey
Smugglers Inn B Kent05Spencers Sportsbar A
Reem Team Essex52County C Willenhall WM
Daleys Club A Beds25Cue & Brew Sambuca
Blue Lion Essex54Lucky Kiss A Staffs
Volunteer Arms W.Yorks45Norman Snooker Lancs

Sat 9th May 9:30am

Crown Inn A Cheshire45The Romany A Northants
Avon Mill C Warwick35The Grapes Lancs
Fox & Hounds Lancs53The Boot & Shoe Leics
Three Tunns Suffolk05Lanterns Kent
Hillingdon RBL London25Mr Pools JH Essex
George & Dragon A Camb50Breaks 2 Staffs
Poets Corner W.Mids25The Anchor Devon
Sandhurst Sports Club50North Star Club Wilts
Tye Green Bowls Club25Dersingham Social Cl
The Terncoats Bristol25Diss Cue Club Spoofs
Prince Of Wales A25The Thornton A Leics
Emley Moor WMC A WY52Triangle Snooker B
The Bull Northants05Runcorn Con Club
Lucky Kiss E Staffs54The 3 Crowns Bristol
Racks Chancers Berks05Bar 33 Falcons Norfolk
Lego Machines Beds15Rileys XL Worcs Worcs
Rose & Crown A Shrops05Cannock Social B
The Grapes52Club147 One Leics
The Romany B Northants52Hazelwood House Staffs
Smugglers Inn Kent53Spots & Stripes A
The William A Norfolk51The Clay Pigeon B
The Bulls Head A Cambs53Fountain Bar Hamps
Harvest Winkers Beds45Volunteer A Northants
Wykin Club A Leics25Cockerton WMC Durham
Queen Charlotte Hamps25Hurricane Rooms Herts
Clarendon Club Leics15The Boro Boys Lincs
Friendship Inn GMC53Maidstone Snooker Cl A
Daley X Beds25Triangle Snooker Lancs
Drum & Monkey TJs53Pig & Whistle L.A.A
Pewter Pot BS Yorks52The Crown Gamblers
Bumbles Allstars25Jaxx Q Club Derby
West End Snooker B45The Royal Standard A

Round 1

Sat 9th May 11am

Romiley Lib Club35Travellers Rest SY
Gatehouse B GMC35Barny Arms B Suffolk
W. Rose P&S Club B25The Court P&S Club A
The Court MC1 Cambs45Drum & Monk Goons
Meltis Bludd Beds53Green Army Notts
William IV A Norfolk35The Saxon Hotel SY
Lucky Kiss C Staffs15The Mermaid Hamps
RAFA A Cambs35Frames Surrey
Club 147 A Leics54Rileys B Brighton
Lord Nelson B S. Yorks54Diss Cue Club A
Compasses A Beds253 Tun Monkeys Suffolk
Cue & Brew NB Worcs54Diss Cue Club C
Drum & M Outsiders05Mavericks B Kent
Spondon Snooker Derby52George Hotel Cambs
Drum & Monk Retros51Slaithwaite Con Cl WY
The County A E Yorks50The Club EH Notts
George Elite Cambs25Rileys Devils Norfolk
Churchills A Kent15AMC Leisure Sussex
The Willow A Leics15Spread Eagle S. Yorks
Attleborough S C C45Lucky Kiss D Staffs
Crown Inn B Cheshire35The Woolpack Zeds
Clifton Inn Devon25Racks Rejects Berks
Mavericks A Kent35Gwyness T.W Linc
The Nest Staffs45The Cricketers Hamps
Avon Mill B Warwick45Blues Bar A Middlesex
Cheers Raiders Sussex05Pewter Pot A S. Yorks
Harvest Home C Beds53Corporation C
Gatehouse C GMC52Tolly Boys Worcs
Oast Lounge Cambs15The Confused London
Rileys Brighton RC52Jubilee Jokers S.Yorks
CSC Longshots Cambs50Lady Jane A Leics
Emley Moor WMC B WY53Breaks 1 Staffs

Sat 9th May 12:30pm

The Globe A Tyne & Wear53Harvest Hooves Beds
Mr Pools A Essex50Pig & Whistle Herts
Drum & Monkey TMM52Triple Js Wiltshire
Flying Dutchman Kent45Greyhound Diss C
Feltham Con Cl London15Club 147 DW Leics
Snooker Exiles Norfolk53Mountfitched SC Essex
Kings Arms Hotel Lancs45Filtermania Rebels
Dunstable Snooker C25Tye Green Social Essex
ASC Choppers Norfolk52Dog Inn B Lancs
Drum & Monkey KS25The Volunteer XYZ
The Rose in June Hamps45GPCA Essex
Maidstone Snooker A45The Sportsman A Lincs
Hillingdon Brit Leg A53Court & Dropped Cambs
Cambridge S C Cambs53Moor Pool & Snooker WM
Mr Pools MC Essex25O'Donoghues London
Daleys Club Beds25Albert Inn S. Yorks
The Eagles Norfolk52Club 147 E Leics
Wh Rose P&S Cl A WY15Harvest G.B.F. Beds
Hinckley Snooker Club15147 Snooker Wiltshire
Legends Cats Essex15Diss Greyhound A
Churchills B Kent35Witney Snooker Club
Rugby Workers Cl A51The Wheatsheaf Essex
Diss Cue Club GM25Frames Sports Bar A
Club 147 DD Leics53Keyta Club Oxon
Barny NVG Suffolk35Road to Morocco D
Prince of Wales B51147 Wolf Pack Leics
Stumble Inn Notts35Legends Braintree
Rileys Rejects Norfolk25Lucky Kiss B Staffs
Cods Kippers Hamps05Pheonix JPL Notts
Rileys C Brighton51Spots & Stripes Elite
Rushden Athletic Cl A15Basford Hall MW Notts
Wykin Club B Leics05Crawley Rugby Club

Sat 9th May 2pm

The William X Norfolk45The Court P&S Cl B
Hammersmith Club A51Royal Standard B
Spot On54Cambrideshire Hunter
Melton Snooker Club A25The Duck London
Crocked Billet50Wykin Club C Leics
Mr Bumble Chipmunks51Unwin Social Club A
The Woolpack Suffolk452 Outta 3 Bucks
Noels Arms Leics35The County A Will WM
Young Gunz Cambs45Spot-On Poppies
Phoenix on Fire Notts53Avon Mill A Warwick
C.S.S. JJJC Cambs05Rileys Potters A
Bumbles Dream Team15Dunstable Snooker Q
Clay Pigeon A Essex45Breakers B Notts
Grosvenor Snooker Club53GMT Legends Essex
03 Club A Sussex51Gatehouse A GMC
Spencers Sports Bar54The Bush W.Mids
Jordans Rock Solid54Lyndale P&S Club GMC
Q-Masters Cambs25Rileys A Brighton
The Club Notts53Rileys Wrong Uns Worcs
Red House C Leics53Drum & Monkey U
Coalville & Dist Con A25Pineapple Inn A Lancs
Coopers Snooker35Woadmans Arms Cambs
The Star Inn Notts51DSC Icemen Beds
Pig & Whistle L.A.B.35Spencers Sports & Soc.
Coopers Palace50Harvest Home A Beds
Greenstead Social05Court 147 Cambs
Club 147 X Leics52Rileys Nottingham
Lake Lothing A Suffolk54Homeguard Club GMC
West End Snooker A52Lanterns Five Oh Kent
Court Z Cambs50The Tulip Essex
Coopers Elite53Good, Bad and Gingers
Top Spot 97 Leics51Shades B Herts

Sat 9th May 3:30pm

The Queen Charlotte A51The Royal Standard A
Court Red Handed Cambs35Jaxx Q Club Derby
Locomotive Bashers53Pewter Pot BS Yorks
Windmill Norwich25Drum & Monkey TJs
Dog Inn A Lancs35Triangle Snooker Lancs
The Herald Bucks54Friendship Inn GMC
Racks Masters Berks51The Boro Boys Lincs
Chelmsford Pool A35Hurricane Rooms Herts
Players P&S LK52Cockerton WMC Durham
Leyland Canons Lancs35Volunteer A Northants
Volunteer OHFCG53The Bulls Head A Cambs
Bournemouth E. Con Cl15The William A Norfolk
Phoenix Reds Notts50Smugglers Inn Kent
Abingdon Con Club Oxon52The Romany B Northants
Bailey Boo's S. Yorks53The Grapes
Midland Snooker A WM35Cannock Social B
Shades A Herts15Rileys XL Worcs Worcs
Alma Kent53Bar 33 Falcons Norfolk
Silktown SC Cheshire25Lucky Kiss E Staffs
Merlin Aces A52Runcorn Con Club
Heath House A Norfolk25Emley Moor WMC A WY
Cannock Social A51The Thornton A Leics
Legends Dk's Essex52Diss Cue Club Spoofs
Les Dodd Snooker C50Dersingham Social Cl
Tradewell Snooker EY51Sandhurst Sports Club
Gwyness Club Linc53The Anchor Devon
The Cue Masters Surrey52George & Dragon A Camb
Spencers Sportsbar A54Mr Pools JH Essex
Reem Team Essex52Lanterns Kent
Cue & Brew Sambuca45Fox & Hounds Lancs
Blue Lion Essex25The Grapes Lancs
Norman Snooker Lancs25The Romany A Northants

Round 2

Sat 9th May 5pm

Travellers Rest SY54The Globe A Tyne & Wear
Barny Arms B Suffolk15Mr Pools A Essex
The Court P&S Club A05Drum & Monkey TMM
Drum & Monk Goons35Greyhound Diss C
Meltis Bludd Beds25Club 147 DW Leics
The Saxon Hotel SY35Snooker Exiles Norfolk
The Mermaid Hamps50Filtermania Rebels
Frames Surrey35Tye Green Social Essex
Club 147 A Leics15ASC Choppers Norfolk
Lord Nelson B S. Yorks15The Volunteer XYZ
3 Tun Monkeys Suffolk45GPCA Essex
Cue & Brew NB Worcs15The Sportsman A Lincs
Mavericks B Kent50Hillingdon Brit Leg A
Spondon Snooker Derby53Cambridge S C Cambs
Drum & Monk Retros15O'Donoghues London
The County A E Yorks54Albert Inn S. Yorks
Rileys Devils Norfolk52The Eagles Norfolk
AMC Leisure Sussex45Harvest G.B.F. Beds
Spread Eagle S. Yorks52147 Snooker Wiltshire
Lucky Kiss D Staffs51Diss Greyhound A
The Woolpack Zeds25Witney Snooker Club
Racks Rejects Berks51Rugby Workers Cl A
Gwyness T.W Linc35Frames Sports Bar A
The Cricketers Hamps15Club 147 DD Leics
Blues Bar A Middlesex25Road to Morocco D
Pewter Pot A S. Yorks51Prince of Wales B
Harvest Home C Beds25Legends Braintree
Gatehouse C GMC25Lucky Kiss B Staffs
The Confused London05Pheonix JPL Notts
Rileys Brighton RC25Rileys C Brighton
CSC Longshots Cambs15Basford Hall MW Notts
Emley Moor WMC B WY25Crawley Rugby Club

Sat 9th May 6:30pm

The Court P&S Cl B15The Queen Charlotte A
Hammersmith Club A51Jaxx Q Club Derby
Spot On35Locomotive Bashers
The Duck London51Drum & Monkey TJs
Crocked Billet54Triangle Snooker Lancs
Mr Bumble Chipmunks51The Herald Bucks
2 Outta 3 Bucks15Racks Masters Berks
The County A Will WM50Hurricane Rooms Herts
Spot-On Poppies25Players P&S LK
Phoenix on Fire Notts54Volunteer A Northants
Rileys Potters A50Volunteer OHFCG
Dunstable Snooker Q25The William A Norfolk
Breakers B Notts15Phoenix Reds Notts
Grosvenor Snooker Club15Abingdon Con Club Oxon
03 Club A Sussex53Bailey Boo's S. Yorks
Spencers Sports Bar45Cannock Social B
Jordans Rock Solid05Rileys XL Worcs Worcs
Rileys A Brighton45Alma Kent
The Club Notts15Lucky Kiss E Staffs
Red House C Leics53Merlin Aces A
Pineapple Inn A Lancs54Emley Moor WMC A WY
Woadmans Arms Cambs45Cannock Social A
The Star Inn Notts05Legends Dk's Essex
Spencers Sports & Soc.05Les Dodd Snooker C
Coopers Palace25Tradewell Snooker EY
Court 147 Cambs53Gwyness Club Linc
Club 147 X Leics54The Cue Masters Surrey
Lake Lothing A Suffolk54Spencers Sportsbar A
West End Snooker A25Reem Team Essex
Court Z Cambs52Fox & Hounds Lancs
Coopers Elite51The Grapes Lancs
Top Spot 97 Leics51The Romany A Northants

Round 3

Sat 9th May 8pm

Travellers Rest SY15Mr Pools A Essex
Drum & Monkey TMM53Greyhound Diss C
Club 147 DW Leics53Snooker Exiles Norfolk
The Mermaid Hamps52Tye Green Social Essex
ASC Choppers Norfolk50The Volunteer XYZ
GPCA Essex15The Sportsman A Lincs
Mavericks B Kent35Spondon Snooker Derby
O'Donoghues London52The County A E Yorks
Rileys Devils Norfolk45Harvest G.B.F. Beds
Spread Eagle S. Yorks35Lucky Kiss D Staffs
Witney Snooker Club45Racks Rejects Berks
Frames Sports Bar A25Club 147 DD Leics
Road to Morocco D05Pewter Pot A S. Yorks
Legends Braintree53Lucky Kiss B Staffs
Pheonix JPL Notts53Rileys C Brighton
Basford Hall MW Notts25Crawley Rugby Club
The Queen Charlotte A45Hammersmith Club A
Locomotive Bashers53The Duck London
Crocked Billet15Mr Bumble Chipmunks
Racks Masters Berks45The County A Will WM
Players P&S LK50Phoenix on Fire Notts
Rileys Potters A53The William A Norfolk
Phoenix Reds Notts25Abingdon Con Club Oxon
03 Club A Sussex15Cannock Social B
Rileys XL Worcs Worcs51Alma Kent
Lucky Kiss E Staffs45Red House C Leics
Pineapple Inn A Lancs53Cannock Social A
Legends Dk's Essex54Les Dodd Snooker C
Tradewell Snooker EY25Court 147 Cambs
Club 147 X Leics52Lake Lothing A Suffolk
Reem Team Essex51Court Z Cambs
Coopers Elite52Top Spot 97 Leics

Last 32

Sat 9th May 9:30pm

Mr Pools A Essex53Drum & Monkey TMM
Club 147 DW Leics52The Mermaid Hamps
ASC Choppers Norfolk50The Sportsman A Lincs
Spondon Snooker Derby35O'Donoghues London
Harvest G.B.F. Beds50Lucky Kiss D Staffs
Racks Rejects Berks45Club 147 DD Leics
Pewter Pot A S. Yorks51Legends Braintree
Pheonix JPL Notts45Crawley Rugby Club
Hammersmith Club A05Locomotive Bashers
Mr Bumble Chipmunks35The County A Will WM
Players P&S LK52Rileys Potters A
Abingdon Con Club Oxon54Cannock Social B
Rileys XL Worcs Worcs35Red House C Leics
Pineapple Inn A Lancs45Legends Dk's Essex
Court 147 Cambs45Club 147 X Leics
Reem Team Essex51Coopers Elite

Last 16

Sun 10th May 9am

Mr Pools A Essex35Club 147 DW Leics
ASC Choppers Norfolk53O'Donoghues London
Harvest G.B.F. Beds15Club 147 DD Leics
Pewter Pot A S. Yorks25Crawley Rugby Club
Locomotive Bashers53The County A Will WM
Players P&S LK35Abingdon Con Club Oxon
Red House C Leics05Legends Dk's Essex
Club 147 X Leics53Reem Team Essex

Quarter Final

Sun 10th May 10:30am

Club 147 DW Leics25ASC Choppers Norfolk
Club 147 DD Leics45Crawley Rugby Club
Locomotive Bashers53Abingdon Con Club Oxon
Legends Dk's Essex54Club 147 X Leics

Semi Final

Sun 10th May 12pm

ASC Choppers Norfolk52Crawley Rugby Club
Locomotive Bashers53Legends Dk's Essex


Sun 10th May 1:30pm

ASC Choppers Norfolk52Locomotive Bashers

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