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Golden Cue - 2018

Silver Cue
Prelim /Round 1 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 8th December 3pm
Witney Snooker Club A50Windmill Wonders
Highlighters Surrey15The Grafton Beds
Shades MH Herts54Fallen Angels Cambs
Been Tangod Cambs35Folkstone Nomads Kent
Cowlinge Three Ways B05Queen Charlotte B
Finger Blasters Sufflk52BSDPL Herts
Cambs Underdogs Cambs51The Ashbourne London
Hammersmith Club Sands53The Old Sun Cambs
Cabbagges Leics45Windmill Wanderers
Cue 3 Spots & Stripes51Three ways Suffolk
Golden Cue X W Mids53Heath House RGR Norflk
Round 1
Prelim /Round 1 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Cambridge Sn Centre G51Reservior Dogs Norfolk
In the Zone Essex35The Workies Kent
Tudor Rejects Suffolk25Prince of Wales Elite
Townshend Trio Norfolk52Desperados Notts
Kings Arms Hotel Boltn45Spot-On Select
Cricketers Essex15Boys on Tour Lincs
ACCY LADS Lancs15Emley WMC W Yorks
Simons Angels Norfolk25Unwin Social Club A
Cutting Edge Essex50The Royal Oak Kent
3 Men & a Monkey15William IV Bar KH
The Fountain Hampshire52DSCCrazygolfers Beds
Lord Protector X Cambs52Golden Nuggets Suffolk
Phoenix Flyers Notts51MSC Bandits Kent
Fulbourn Flukes Cambs51IP14 Geezers Suffolk
The Fudge Factory35Earl Grey S Yorks
Royal Standard Z52The Queen Charlotte A
JPs A Essex53The Nags Head W Mids
Witney Snooker Oxon25Ely Beet A Cambs
Bears Renegades Sufflk52Wine Society Herts
Threes a Crowd Leics35Plenty in the Tank
Sat 8th December 4:30pm
Melton Snooker Club A50Poolkatz Somerset
Rays Touching Cloth54Shades MH2 Herts
Romiley Js Lancs53Break & Douches Sussex
Monkey Band Cambs50WWFC Shropshire
The Keymaster W Mids51Sheerness WMC Z Kent
Commandos Leics35Mr Pools PS Essex
William IV Bar MK15Witney Snooker Club A
The Grafton Beds51Shades MH Herts
Folkstone Nomads Kent54Queen Charlotte B
Finger Blasters Sufflk15Cambs Underdogs Cambs
Hammersmith Club Sands52Windmill Wanderers
Cue 3 Spots & Stripes45Golden Cue X W Mids
Last 32
Prelim /Round 1 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 8th December 6pm
Cambridge Sn Centre G45The Workies Kent
Prince of Wales Elite52Townshend Trio Norfolk
Spot-On Select53Boys on Tour Lincs
Emley WMC W Yorks52Unwin Social Club A
Cutting Edge Essex25William IV Bar KH
The Fountain Hampshire51Lord Protector X Cambs
Phoenix Flyers Notts53Fulbourn Flukes Cambs
Earl Grey S Yorks50Royal Standard Z
JPs A Essex53Ely Beet A Cambs
Bears Renegades Sufflk35Plenty in the Tank
Melton Snooker Club A45Rays Touching Cloth
Romiley Js Lancs25Monkey Band Cambs
The Keymaster W Mids54Mr Pools PS Essex
Witney Snooker Club A53The Grafton Beds
Folkstone Nomads Kent54Cambs Underdogs Cambs
Hammersmith Club Sands53Golden Cue X W Mids
Last 16
Prelim /Round 1 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sat 8th December 7:30pm
The Workies Kent53Prince of Wales Elite
Spot-On Select51Emley WMC W Yorks
William IV Bar KH52The Fountain Hampshire
Phoenix Flyers Notts15Earl Grey S Yorks
JPs A Essex54Plenty in the Tank
Rays Touching Cloth54Monkey Band Cambs
The Keymaster W Mids51Witney Snooker Club A
Folkstone Nomads Kent45Hammersmith Club Sands
Quarter Final
Prelim /Round 1 /Last 32 /Last 16 /Top
Sun 9th December 9am
The Workies Kent25Spot-On Select
William IV Bar KH53Earl Grey S Yorks
JPs A Essex52Rays Touching Cloth
The Keymaster W Mids35Hammersmith Club Sands
Semi Final
Sun 9th December 10:30am
Spot-On Select05William IV Bar KH
JPs A Essex25Hammersmith Club Sands
Sun 9th December 12pm
William IV Bar KH52Hammersmith Club Sands
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