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Champion of Champions - 2014

Ladies CofC
Prelim (9)
Fri 7th November 6:30pm
Jeanette Baptist50Andi Bennett
Last 32 (9)
Sharon James54Kirsty Clugston
Jo Cox25Charlene Smart
Lorraine Fivey53Sue Woods
Liz Disney53Dawn Zimbalatti
Kerry Griffiths51Sarah Evans
Debbie Burchell51Teresa Scott
Tracy carter15Nikki Comrie
Angela Walters52Beckie Watkins
Holly Cann50Bev Summers
Katie Henrick51Clare Dormer
Sarah Coxon35Jeanette Baptist
Stacey Hancock50Leanne Wakefield
Amy Beauchamp50Corrine Grattan
Lynne Pinches52Scarlett Killick
Sarah Nicklin35Lyndsey Roberts
Emma Cunningham52Crystal Buck
Last 16 (9)
Sharon James51Charlene Smart
Lorraine Fivey51Liz Disney
Kerry Griffiths45Debbie Burchell
Nikki Comrie51Angela Walters
Holly Cann05Katie Henrick
Jeanette Baptist25Stacey Hancock
Amy Beauchamp51Lynne Pinches
Lyndsey Roberts54Emma Cunningham
Quarter Final (9)
Sharon James53Lorraine Fivey
Debbie Burchell25Nikki Comrie
Katie Henrick52Stacey Hancock
Amy Beauchamp52Lyndsey Roberts
Semi Final (9)
Sat 8th November 6:30pm
Sharon James54Nikki Comrie
Katie Henrick15Amy Beauchamp
Final (11)
Sharon James26Amy Beauchamp
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