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Champion of Champions - 2015

Men's CofC

Prelim (9)

Fri 6th November 6:30pm

Fred Tandy53Matthew Peel
Neil Robinson51Michael Defraine
Sean Hackett45Mick Gormley
Damien Campsey52Jamie Ridsdale
Gerry Canning52Kalvin Ashwood
Ron Sharpe50Richard Twomey
Steve Dowdell53Richard Swaffield
Ken Edwards05Martin Elks
Lloyd Frith - Robinson50Mark Smith
Dom Cooney54Karl Sutton
Andy Coles52Ben Flack
Darren Griffiths25Ian Kettel
James Garrad05Ollie O'Boyle
Chris Ayres15Phil Marriott
Danny Davies50Gary Burns
Callum Singleton53Adam Linnel
Richard Friend53Mev Ali

Last 64 (9)

Peter Trotman15Fred Tandy
Kane Wilson - Skinner52Rob Cork
Del Redmond52Neil Robinson
Lee Gibson05Peter Owens
Nick Gillett51Mick Gormley
James Dickman05Nathan Ellis
Dave Fernandez53Damien Campsey
Dean Torode51Ben Wrgglesworth
Redvers Mole15Gerry Canning
Kevin Bassett35Alex Lewis
Bill Rigby53Ron Sharpe
James Shadimehr15Dylan Leary
Arfan Dad52Steve Dowdell
Simon Rivers15Daniel Eaton - Lees
Joe Prince05Martin Elks
John Strange53Rory Dawson
Ryan Mears52Lloyd Frith - Robinson
Gary Willis35Adam Beales
Alex Lawrence45Dom Cooney
Giuseppe D'Impario45Lewis Roberts
Peter Wright51Andy Coles
Macauly Gunn50Dale Woodhouse
Michael Hope15Ian Kettel
Ady Bonsor52Paul waterfield
Greg Lewis25Ollie O'Boyle
Ben Young54Neil Callingham
Liam White54Phil Marriott
Andy Williams52Danny Davies
Lee Kendall52Callum Singleton
John Roe50Richard Friend
Gary mehmet51David Verey
Andrew Moore45Roy Whyatt

Last 32 (9)

Fred Tandy45Kane Wilson - Skinner
Del Redmond50Peter Owens
Nick Gillett45Nathan Ellis
Dave Fernandez45Dean Torode
Gerry Canning25Alex Lewis
Bill Rigby25Dylan Leary
Arfan Dad53Daniel Eaton - Lees
Martin Elks35John Strange
Ryan Mears53Adam Beales
Dom Cooney35Lewis Roberts
Peter Wright53Macauly Gunn
Ian Kettel53Ady Bonsor
Ollie O'Boyle52Ben Young
Liam White52Andy Williams
Lee Kendall25John Roe
Gary mehmet53Roy Whyatt

Last 16 (9)

Kane Wilson - Skinner54Del Redmond
Nathan Ellis05Dean Torode
Alex Lewis53Dylan Leary
Arfan Dad50John Strange
Ryan Mears45Lewis Roberts
Peter Wright35Ian Kettel
Ollie O'Boyle35Liam White
John Roe50Gary mehmet

Quarter Final (9)

Kane Wilson - Skinner15Dean Torode
Alex Lewis45Arfan Dad
Lewis Roberts53Ian Kettel
Liam White45John Roe

Semi Final (11)

Sat 7th November 6:30pm

Dean Torode65Arfan Dad
Lewis Roberts36John Roe

Final (13)

Dean Torode07John Roe

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