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Champion of Champions - 2017

Ladies CofC

Prelim (9)

Prelim /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top

Fri 10th November 6:30pm

Valerie Kreuzburg25Dawn Zimbalatti
Sarah Long15Katie Smith

Last 32 (9)

Prelim /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Liz Disney50Hayley Lundberg
Petrina Pearce15Kim O'Brien
Amy Beauchamp50Louise Rhodes
Lyndsey Roberts05Jo Cox
Trudy Acton50Alice Belgin
Diane Kirk35Sophie Gibbs-Nichols
Lorraine Fivey51Charlotte Gibson
Kirsty-Lee Davies51Sarah Evans
Tanisha Beckford51Alexandra Cunha
Liz Mills15Sue Osborn
Casey Ranford-Norrey05Stacey Hancock
Sue Fletcher (Dorset)52Rachel (Chia Yan) Wong
Sue Studman15Sharon James
Shelly Wood15Barbara Taylor
Beckie Watkins51Dawn Zimbalatti
Kerry Griffiths50Katie Smith

Last 16 (9)

Prelim /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Liz Disney45Kim O'Brien
Amy Beauchamp51Jo Cox
Trudy Acton45Sophie Gibbs-Nichols
Lorraine Fivey35Kirsty-Lee Davies
Tanisha Beckford54Sue Osborn
Stacey Hancock15Sue Fletcher (Dorset)
Sharon James52Barbara Taylor
Beckie Watkins25Kerry Griffiths

Quarter Final (9)

Prelim /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Kim O'Brien54Amy Beauchamp
Sophie Gibbs-Nichols25Kirsty-Lee Davies
Tanisha Beckford51Sue Fletcher (Dorset)
Sharon James50Kerry Griffiths

Semi Final (9)

Prelim /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Kim O'Brien25Kirsty-Lee Davies
Tanisha Beckford51Sharon James

Final (11)

Prelim /Last 32 /Last 16 /Quarter Final /Top
Kirsty-Lee Davies64Tanisha Beckford

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