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About the Interleague Events

Interleague pool events are played between the affiliated leagues in each county and are divided into both a league event and a knock out cup event.

EPA Interleague is the term or name we use to describe an event or competition that our counties run which leads to national finals.

Within those two lines lies a massive structure that starts in local leagues, travels through our counties, through our regions and finally end up at our national finals. So how does your local league get to be the National Interleague champions.

The process starts with your local league, usually, either the league itself deciding they wish to enter a representative team or a group of players in a local league requesting the league enter them as their league representatives.

Once the EPA county affiliated league decides they would like to enter a team, they contact the relevant county association and enter their teams. The entire local league rosta is available for selection in any of their teams but as you may imagine its usually the best players the league has to offer.

Once registered as a local interleague team – the county organises an interleague structure with a set of usually home and away fixtures, from those fixtures a league table is produced and the teams at the top get to be invited to the national finals.

At the national finals 96 of the very best teams go head-to-head to be crowned national interleague champions.

The teams are initially drawn into groups of four teams, with the top two progressing to the last 32 and the event moves to a straight knockout.

The group winners play the runners up from a different group, the event than continues to reduce to a final.

You can find data for all the available national finals by selecting a year from the dropdown list below.

Interleague Data

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Interleague Knock Out Cup:

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The Regions

In order to make management of our Pool playing nation easier we have split the country into different geographical areas, called Regions. From 2011, the playing Regions were numbered one through to eight.

Counties-MapIt is the Region's job to administer all aspects of EPA Pool within their boundaries and to ensure that the wishes of their members are carried out.

There is a model regional constitution in the EPA Byelaws in which suggests that the Regional committees shall consist of three elected officers, Regional Director, Regional Treasurer and a Regional National Delegate plus delegates sent by the member County associations plus an EPRA delegate selected by the Region's referees.

To find out the exact contents of your Region's constitution, please contact your Regional Director or your county pool association.

Part of the administration duties for the Regions is to organise the Inter League matches within their Region and various individual competitions.

The regional committees send two of their members, one of which is the Regional Director, to national meetings to form, along with the executive officers, the National Committee.


The counties in England are divided into the regions as shown below.

Counties 'greyed out' do not currently have an active county pool association within the EPA.

Where indicated with the link icon, you can click on a county to navigate through to their local website.

Region 1 Region 2
  • Cleveland
  • Durham
  • East Yorkshire
  • North Yorkshire
  • Northumberland
  • Tyne & Wear
Region 3 Region 4
Region 5 Region 6
Region 7 Region 8
  • Derbyshire
  • Humberside
  • Leicestershire
  • Lincolnshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • South Yorkshire

The Counties

The Counties listed here are the member counties that constitute the membership of the English Pool Association.

These Counties are the voting members of our association and it is from these Counties that virtually all the policies adopted by this association stem from.

If your County is not on this list, your county will have no part to play in the future shape of Pool in England. It is the aim of our Association to have every single county represented at our Annual General Meetings.

If you, as a player, find it hard to believe that your County is not a member of the sports governing body we ask you to do all you can to make your County officials aware of your desire to be part of the decision making process, not left out in the cold. We are not a profit making organisation, we are here to run Pool for you.

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