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EPA Region 2


The following counties make up the EPA Region 2. You can click on a county name to go directly to their own information page:


The regional committee includes representatives from all of the member counties, and the following officers:

  • Region Director - Kevin Armitage (West Yorkshire)
  • Secretary - TBC
  • Treasurer - Kevin Lloyd (Cheshire)
  • Collator - Steve Weatherby (West Yorkshire)

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Region 2 OutlineRegion 2's origins go back as far as the early 1980's. Following the formation of the English Pool Association in 1979 and the subsequent setting up of 36 of the present Counties, the Regions were formed as part of the new structure. This was mainly down to the foresight of those involved at the time, mainly Stan Bent (R3), Ronnie Foster (R1), Alan Scorer (R1) and our very own George Harwood (GMC) who was at the time the Chairman of the EPA.

The Regions success is well documented since then, but the foundations were laid by those involved at its inception, people such as Len Beddis (Lancashire), Kevin Owen (GMC), Peter Hodgson (Merseyside), Alan Marshall & Tony Higgins (West Yorkshire) and John Rushworth (Cumbria). The latter being the R2 Treasurer for many years. There have been many others since who have been influential in making Region 2 what it is today.

Based in the North of England, the Regions borders stretch from Cumbria down through Lancashire and onto Merseyside. It then comes in-land through Cheshire before heading back into Greater Manchester and finally reaching West Yorkshire. Combined, the membership makes us one of the biggest and best supported Regions in the country.

The aim of Region 2 has been, and still is, to give every player the opportunity to play at their highest level. This ethos has provided some of the games best known players such as Chris Melling, Gareth Hibbott, Lee Clough, Mick Hill, Darren Appleton and Lee Kendall, who presently holds the esteemed position of the England Mens Captain. The Region has also seen some of its members go on to become leading figures within the EPA, the present Mens and Senior's National Team Managers coming from within its ranks.

The rivalry between the teams and players is fierce on match day, but outside of match play, the Counties work well together, along with the Committee. This results in a knowledgeable team of people striving to achieve the best they can for everyone, being respectful of each other and sharing the same drive to better themselves, and the EPA as a whole.

One of the main points about Region 2 is its support for all the major National events. We participate in all sections of the Inter County structure and our teams always attend the finals, some having achieved the ultimate goal, becoming National Champions, on several occasions. Interleague is another area where our Counties excel. Being one of the strongest areas for IL teams means we are always well represented in the Finals and KO Cup.

Region 2 Hall of Fame

Intercounty Finals Winners Men's A

  • 2003, 2005 & 2006 - Lancashire
  • 1994 - Cumbria
  • 1993 - Merseyside
  • 1990 - West Yorkshire
  • 1984 - GMC

Intercounty Finals Winners Men's B

  • 2013, 2011, 1999 & 1998 - Lancashire
  • 1995 - GMC
  • 1988 - Cumbria

Intercounty Finals Winners Ladies

  • 2018, 2017, 2013 & 2010 - Lancashire
  • 2000 & 1997 - West Yorkshire

Intercounty Finals Winners Junior's

  • 2008, 2007 & 2004 - Lancashire

Intercounty Finals Winners Senior's

  • 2015 - GMC

Intercounty Knock Out Cup Winners Men's A

  • 2012 - Lancashire

Intercounty Knock Out Cup Winners Ladies

  • 2019 - Cheshire
  • 2014 - Lancashire
  • 2000 - GMC

Intercounty Knock Out Cup Winners Junior's

  • 2012 - GMC

Intercounty Knock Out Cup Winners Senior's

  • 2018, 2017 & 2014 - West Yorkshire

Interleague Finals Winners

  • 2014 - Normans Elite

Interleague Finals Runners Up

  • 2003 - Alloas
  • 1997 - Wigan

Interleague Knock Out Cup Winners

  • 2005 & 2004 - Triangle
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