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Cambridgeshire Awards

EPA registered players affiliated by the Cambridgeshire Pool Association have over the years reached some of the absolute pinnacles of the game, and include:

Luke Gilbert
  • Luke Gilbert
  • 2019 U23's World Champion (Won 8-4 over Karol Galka in the final)
  • 2018 Junior World Champion (Won 8-7 over Jordan Synott in the final)
  • 2019 U23's Home Internationals Singles Winner (Won 5-4 over Josh Gooderham in the final)

Steve Singh
  • Steve Singh
  • 2019 Senior's World Masters Champion (Won 6-5 over Steve Chambers in the final)

John Roe
  • John Roe
  • 2012 Men's World Champion (Won 11-7 over Lee Kendall in the final)

Phil Harrison
  • Phil Harrison
  • 2009 Men's World Champion (Won 11-7 over Mick Hill in the final & was runner up in 2011, 2017 & 2018)
  • 2019 Men's World Masters Champion

Carly Smith
  • Carly Peachey (née Smith)
  • 2009 Ladies European Champion (Won 7-5 over Anne Roccia in the final)
  • 2000 Ladies European Champion (Won 6-4 over Karen Elsworth in the final)
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